Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where Have I Been, And Where Am I Going?

Where I have been is not that interesting... I have been busy, busy, busy. With what? More about that and an announcement later! (A-ha, piqued your curiousity, did I? Good!)

But where I am going is oh so interesting.

Remember months back when I posted about winning that cruise? Well, I leave tomorrow! I still can't believe I am going. All day long, it was hard to imagine... as I told LeAnn (who is going with us), Cozumel feels a million miles away when you are sitting in a tiny pediatrician's exam room with four kids bouncing off the walls and navigating the aisles of a grocery store with those same four children. It is surreal to think that tomorrow night this time I will be in a hotel room with my friends getting ready to board a cruise ship--

Please don't hate me. I have never done anything like this-- the most tropical, exotic location I have been to before this trip was Hilton Head Island, SC. So, just know that I am not a jetsetter. Had I not won this trip, I am not sure when I would have gone on a cruise!

And so, I will be MIA for one week. Be sure to check back with me so I can tell you allll about my trip. And if you are feeling led, please pray for my poor husband who is being left behind with the six children!!
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Anonymous said...

Have a safe, fun and restful journey!

chickadee said...

wow that sounds great. i hope you have a fun trip.