Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Elizabeth Foss' Post on Control

Equal to my love for Dawn is my love for Elizabeth Foss. She has inspired me countless times with her take on mothering and homeschooling-- with a dose of realness thrown in for the sake of those of us who need to be gently led, not beat over the head with all that we are not doing. Does that make any sense at all? Elizabeth is real. Yes, she writes beautifully and loves the Lord and has bunches of children and seems to find the joy in it all. But she also has yucky things happen in her life and calls them yucky. And I need that. She inspires me not just with her ideas, but her realness, if that is even a word.

So, the other day I was sending some emails and I just felt God leading me to send her a copy of my book just as a little gift-- a way to say thank you for her inspiration. I didn't in any way expect her to mention my book on her blog, just for the record. I just felt led to give it to her and leave it at that.

But then she totally surprised me by mentioning it on her blog today-- and not only mentioning it but saying such nice things. And the post she wrote was so appropriate-- so perfect for what I believe about life, and what God has taught me in so many ways. (He has to teach me the same thing over and over, in many different avenues cause I am a bit slow on the draw... I have accepted this.) So, go read this excellent post-- not because she was nice enough to mention my book-- but because I absolutely love what she said.

I lost control a long time ago. Just like that toenail that got peeled back (Ewwww! But I told you I was looking for the life lesson in this), God peeled back my desire/need to control my environment. And it was no less painful, let me assure you.
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Anonymous said...

I just purchased your E-Boook. I can't wait to receive it. I enjoy reading your blog daily, hope the toe is getting better!

Dana said...

Congratulations on the book...and moreso on nice friends! Those little surprises are the most wonderful.