Monday, November 26, 2007

Crafty Christmas

I found this site for all of you crafty types who would like some homemade gift giving inspiration... They are offering thirty gifts you can make in thirty days. Love it!

Dawn posted a wonderful review of my book today. You can find it here. Since you all know how much I love Dawn, you can imagine what it meant to have her give my book such a glowing review... thanks Dawn! I love the thought of my words being in one of her famous notebooks!

I also forgot to include Jess' sweet review. She is my friend so of course she is going to say nice things... but read it anyway!

Also, just had to post this from Jenn. She is the commenter who said that she had reservations about buying the book because she wanted to know how long it is and was a bit hesitant about the price based on the length. (Ie, she wanted the most bang for her buck-- and I don't blame her!) She sent me this last night after she bought the book, so I wanted to share it with you here:

I LOVE the book! To me, it reads much like a devotional! There are so many spiritual nuggets in there, I really am glad I got it. I definitely want to make our Christmas more Christ-centered, so this is a plus and I am sure I will use a lot out of it, not only this year but year after year.
(You can find Jenn's blog at

Now that is a review that makes me smile!
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Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

Okay, if you continue leaving all of these wonderful websites for me to check out I'll never get anything done around here. :) Just hit the "pay" button to buy your e-book, I can't wait to read it!

Andrea said...

I just wanted you to know that I had time to leisurely read your ebook yesterday afternoon with my Christmas clipboard and my cup of tea. I really enjoyed it this second time around...even more so. Your stories are so sweet of your home life and of your desire to serve God. I came to tears a couple of times...Thanks for the resources within!!

Summer - Creative Mom Cafe said...

Thank you for linking to my craft blog! I'm having a lot of fun sharing cafty ideas, and I hope lots of people get inspired to make more gifts than they buy this year. :D