Monday, October 15, 2007

A Weekend Getaway

Well, I'm back! Didn't know I was gone? Yeah, I forgot to post that I was hightailing it outta here with my hubby for a weekend ALONE. Yep, we farmed out all six of our children (thanks grandparents plural) and snuck away for a weekend at Uncle Bob's beach house. (Thanks Uncle Bob!!) We had such a great time-- talked and talked and talked and he even watched Law and Order with me, which is a gift in the highest order-- and a sacrifice for him to be sure.

Can I just take a moment to recommend to all of you who are reading this to carve out some time away as spouses? Do it. Don't delay. Be creative if you don't have money to spend on hotels. We stayed in a free beach house. We didn't shop (except for a trip to my favoritest book store in the world, where I bought a used book) but we did eat out-- but we reasoned that we weren't feeding all the kids for the weekend, so we probably came out close to the same. Was it hard orchestrating all the plans for all the kids to be where they needed and have everything they needed? Sort of. (You can do a lot of things with a song in your heart if you have something to look forward to.) Has it been hard coming back to reality? Most definitely. But in the middle-- when we were away together just being Curt and Marybeth (not mom and dad). Now, that was worth it all.

And so, we had a great time of renewing our marriage and our perspective. On Saturday morning, I snuck out to spend some time alone on the dock with my Bible and my CBS homework. Just a cup of sweet, milky coffee, the birds singing and the water quietly lapping at the dock. Within just a few words, I could hear God speaking directly to me. He confirmed some things I had been thinking about, and comforted my heart. Through the course of about an hour, I was able to study God's word, but also to hear from Him specifically about a speaking engagement I have been praying about. I couldn't write down what He was showing me fast enough. My time with Him was rich-- and in a busy, hectic life filled with interruptions and noise, a time like this is very affirming to have once in awhile. In those times, I know that it is undeniably Him and it is undeniable that He cares about the details of our lives and does answer our requests. I love times like this that serve as reminders we can cling to. It filled me.

And now we are back, muddling through a busy week. Curt has a lot on his plate at work, and is feeling that stress. He warned me that it was going to be a rough week, but I didn't realize how rough-- or that he would be so stressed. I thought our weekend together would supercede all that. I ask you, is there ever going to be a time in our marriage where I get a realistic outlook instead of an idealistic one?? I don't think so!

And so, I am trying to look forward, but I can't help but sneak some backward glances at a weekend away, a time for finishing sentences and uninterrupted conversations. A time far away from the cries of children or the cell phone. I must confess, it looks as good in the rearview mirror as it did in real time.
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Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog via the Proverbs 31 devotional email. Just curious, what is the "CBS" work that you keep referring to?