Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teen Week!

I have decided that next week on this blog we are going to have a theme. This theme emerged because of a couple of blog book tours I have committed to falling at the same time. So I thought-- why not? Why not just commit to doing it all in one week-- and making it a theme. I have never done this before-- and might never again, but we will see how it goes. That does not mean I won't be posting regular stuff-- just that every day I will do at least one post on the theme of teen girls. I will have two authors who have written books for teen girls, and hopefully a few other surprise guests I am currently working on.

If you are a mom of a teen girl and have a question for our guests, send it to me via email (See "contact me" tab at top) and I will work to find some answers. I know my daughter just became an official teen and I am already full of questions as to how to raise her to be a godly young woman who is unswayed by this culture we live in! If your daughter is not a teen yet, don't think that this doesn't apply to you-- it pays to start learning now and equipping yourself for the future. And if you don't have girls-- or kids-- think about how this information could equip you to bless teens that God has in your life for maybe this exact purpose. In other words, there will be something here for everyone! Ü

And so, I pray that you guys will find some answers and maybe some good resources to direct those teen girls in your life to. Stay tuned!
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Sisterlisa said...

Yep! mine will have a question for ya!