Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Weekend Report

This has been a busy weekend for us. We had my daughter's thirteenth birthday party yesterday, and just to keep things interesting, the baby started throwing up that morning. Curt stayed at home with her while I ventured out with six giggling, giddy teens to my parents' country club for a nice lunch. I wanted to do something "grown up" for her, so a country club luncheon fit the bill. The weather was gorgeous-- a perfect September weekend. The girls acted silly and enjoyed their lunches. Every single one of them ordered pasta alfredo, interestingly enough. My parents and I sat at a separate table and enjoyed having our own lunch and visiting for a bit. We all had a great time and all too soon it was time to venture back home and back to reality. When we got home, Curt took the seven and five year old to Monkey Joe's for some playtime. The five year old "earned" his trip by bringing home ten "I had a good day" notes from school. As with most people, he responds well to incentives versus negative consequences. Must. Remember. That.

Thankfully, the baby didn't throw up again-- until this morning. And I foolishly assumed it was just a 24 hour bug and we were past it! I very quickly assessed that I would be staying home from church with her while the rest of the family ventured out. While they were gone, I made a big lunch to enjoy when they got home. I had marinated a pork tenderloin all day yesterday, but none of us were in the mood for a big dinner last night what with all the vomiting going on-- somehow that just sucks the desire to eat (or cook) right out of ya! So, I cooked the pork tenderloin and made rice pilaf and steamed broccoli to go with it. The good news is, we have enough leftovers for dinner tomorrow night as well-- hooray! The pork, by the way, was very yummy-- tasting of the soy sauce, mustard, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, and garlic it was marinated in.

This afternoon after naps all around, we took the kids to a local playground to enjoy more of the mild fall weather. Curt and I talked for a bit about some financial writing we are doing together and tried unsuccessfully to finish at least one sentence without being interrupted by some child. Then we stopped by the grocery to pick up items for the week and headed home. Since we had our main meal at lunch, we made snacks for dinner-- Curt made real popcorn on the stove (my favorite-- even better than at the movies!) and I made a caramel dip with real caramels and cream and sliced up apples to dip. This was one meal no one complained about!

And so, in a few minutes I am going to turn on some Law and Order Criminal Intent. USA Network is having a marathon all day today. This was one of those days I was wishing for a tv in my room so I could watch it. Law and Order is definitely not family friendly viewing!! But then again, I would have missed out on some great family moments. And now I have something to savor tonight.
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Lauren at Faith Fuel! said...

If your little sweetie had not been sick, I would have loved to stop by for a "virtual" taste of that delicious meal you made! But I've never gotten over the nausea and sickness from my two pregnancies (high risk, dehydration, hospitalization...lots of drama)and so I have a "delicate" stomach anytime I even think of someone...being ill!

Sounds like a beautiful day,though, and the caramel sauce over everything certainly ends the day well!!