Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not Taking A Good Day For Granted

It is sad to say, but lately I have not been having very good days. Usually I start off good, but by the end of the day I am exhausted and disgruntled-- mostly with the kids. So, today it is nothing short of a miracle when I say that I had a good day. I enjoyed my kids, I was reasonably patient with them. I accomplished things. We had dinner that I cooked. Ok, it was spaghetti, which was like the only thing I knew how to cook when we got married, but it was dinner, after all. And I actually got my 12 yo daughter to help me prepare the noodles and bread while I went on a run before dinner.

One of the things that made this day so great is that I got together with some girls from church for playgroup. I felt like I am finally starting to get to know some of them. They are great girls and I enjoy talking with them-- even if they are much younger than me. I do a good job at not holding that against them, I think. I was actually able to commit some of their names to my permanent memory today, which is saying a lot. And so, the time we spent at Monkey Joe's just set the tone for my day. I will also humbly admit that we were the last people to leave from the group. The. Last. Ones. Can you say, "Desperate for some company??"

To make things even better, when we got home the kids were all quiet for like two hours while I got some cleaning done, dinner started and some emails answered. I was also able to type up a list of books that I want each child to read for school this year. Ah, I do love to check things off my to do list and today was a day for checking off several things!

Tonight Curt is at a Bebo Norman/Shane and Shane concert. He is happy about that and I am, honestly, happy not to be there. I like only a handful of Bebo songs and no Shane and Shane. So, he went by himself and ran into some friends when he got there-- at least I think that is what he said when I called him at the concert and asked him to bring home trashbags. His cell phone was breaking up.

To top off my night, I am going to try to go watch a Law and Order without interruption. Tomorrow is the baby's birthday. I am going to post more about that tomorrow and also some updates on our school situation. So I know you will want to stay tuned for those exciting entries!
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Lauren said...

I can totally relate to your perfect day- it doesn't take a lot, really, to make a mother survey her bounty with a sigh of peace.

Wanted to let you know that I am getting a devotion published over at Faith Lifts ( 5 Minutes for Mom
on Sept. 7th!! Just a little step in the right direction, but I am rejoicing in any open doors.
For the Write Reason has been an encouragement to me- and I appreciate your trailblazing a path for so many.