Thursday, August 23, 2007

Destination Florida!

Tomorrow I leave to speak at an all day homeschool event, designed to encourage homeschool moms as they prepare to dive into a new year. Go to this link to find out more about it! And if you live in the area, please drop by!

I will post about the event when I get back. I am speaking three times, and sitting on one panel, then flying back-- all in one day! I expect to be tired when it is all over!

Tomorrow morning will be spent packing and running a few errands. Then off to the airport, which is not my favorite place in the world.

Another place that is not my favorite place in the world is the car repair shop that we took our car to today. (I won't mention the name of it, but it rhymes with Wirecone.) We brought it in to get our radiator fixed and we left with a broken air conditioner. They are saying they did nothing to it-- it just coincidentally broke while it was in their care (It was working just fine when I took it in this morning)... but they will fix it if we would like to pay for them to do so.

Tomorrow my dear husband, defender, and protector is going back to speak to the manager-- and I am praying for a rational resolution in the issue. I hate, hate, hate having car problems! And so, I am without a car for a bit longer.

After all that, this evening was a bit discouraging, to say the least. To cheer myself up, I downloaded some old songs-- Jim Croce, John Denver, Ambrosia-- I mean O-L-D. Songs of my childhood. A walk down memory lane. So many memories get tied to music. Have you ever noticed that?

And as I am starting to ramble incoherently, I am taking that as a sign that I need to head to bed. G'night.
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MandyMom said...

Wow! A homeschool event! I wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

Just checking out your blog for the first time after attending the homeschool event you spoke at today. I am very glad I chose to go today as I was again wondering if participating in more activities was the best choice for my family after a busy, busy, busy week. Thanks for the encouragement...My husband said I can go hear you whenever I want after I greeted him warmly upon my return. Thanks for everything that you shared.

laundrylessons said...

I hope the event went well...what a whirlwind of a day. I am such a John Denver fan...I know all the words to his songs!

Valerie said...

I'm glad to see from the comment that the homeschool event went well. I will admit that I checked the map to see how long it would take to get there :-)

I hope the van thing turned out okay in the end. I had heard good things about that shop, so I'm disappointed it went so badly for you. Finding a good, honest mechanic shouldn't be so hard.

To pass along a kudos, I was talking to a mom in MOPS yesterday and your name came up. She said you were the best speaker they had last year, which makes me sad I wasn't involved last year. I did end up joining this year when I heard first on the schedule is Lysa Terkurst. I've never heard her, but you've peaked my interest.