Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Beach Decision

I made a decision while at the beach (I made several-- doesn't it feel good to finally make a decision? I don't think that guys will identify with this as much as women, but that's a topic for another post).

Anyway, I decided to resign from Faith Lifts, the online devotion I have been writing for for awhile. I write a contribution every Friday and, while I enjoyed it very much, it was time to stop. We have decided to homeschool all of the kids again this year (except my oldest-- will write more about that later) and I need to cut back on any and every activity that takes me away from my kids whether mentally or physically. I was sad to leave but also relieved to leave, if that makes any sense at all. The experience was great-- having to write regularly like that was so great for my writing. It sharpened it, toned it, and made me more aware of material. Sort of like a weekly writing workout. I am glad for the time I spent there as a writer, but also certain that it's time to let someone else have that experience now.

Faith Lifts was already looking for some regular contributors, and now they will be looking for one more on Fridays. If you like to write, want to write, etc., email them to let them know of your interest. Their email is
They would love to hear from you and I highly recommend working with them!
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Lauren said...

Thank you for sharing an "open door" at Faith Lifts where you are necessarily closing one. I admire your ability to choose wisely, even with cost, for the sake of family gain. Can I ask you a question about Faith Lifts- could you have sent a copy of your P31 devotion that you often write, and recirculate that at Faith Lifts?