Monday, July 16, 2007

Scenes From Our Day

Helping mom make the salad for dinner.
Coloring in the high chair.

Creating their own hair salon. Big sis was the stylist (they really cut that doll's hair off!) and little sis was the overly attentive mom.

Well, today was our first day of unplugged life-- and we survived. Though there were moments I had my doubts. At first I was thinking, "This isn't gonna be so hard. This is a welcome change." But by four o' clock when we had exhausted all our resources and had two hours before dad came home and the five year old was demanding (remember the attitude situation I wrote about?) that I turn on the tv, I was having serious doubts about this little decision of ours. Perhaps we have been too hasty. I mean, it is summer, and hot outside. What else can the poor little dears be expected to do but while away the hours in front of the tv?

But I persevered. Mostly because I didn't know how to turn the satellite back on and was afraid I would ruin something by trying to. But let's pretend it was because of my resolve to be a better parent.
In the end, as I reflect on the day as my older two are playing Stratego together and a blueberry muffin cake is cooling so it will be ready for tomorrow's breakfast, it doesn't seem all bad. I mean, they're all asleep now. But all in all, I am glad we are doing this. We needed to do this. I so enjoyed seeing them being creative and coming up with things to do that didn't involve electronics.
Tomorrow is a new day-- and I am hoping it will get easier with every day we make it through without all the stimuli we have relied on the past.
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Rona said...

We turned ours off once for over a year (they were allowed to periodically watch movies on the VCR/dvd player). Our church has had 2 TV fasts, the first for one month, the 2nd for 2 months. Both Jordon and Mack did a lot of reading. Since the its been back on, there has been little to no reading. Keep it off. Its so worth it. The news is not even fit to watch at this point! I watch HGTV and even that has been perverted. You will not regret this situation after the initial shock - give em a few days - dig out the legos!

JeninIL said...

We always participate in Family Life's TV free August. This year we are doing August and September. Hang in there! Old habits are hard to break! I usually read aloud to the kids when their boredom is "killing" them. Even the olders appreciate it. Also, an hour of quiet time in the afternoon won't kill anyone either. LOL


M. Milbourn said...

Oh my! My lovey will be so excited to see actual pictures of your house...hope it doesn't mess up his "mental images".

The Ramblin' Rat said...

We don't have any children yet, but my husband and I have decided to cancel our satellite service. We realize it's more important to hang out and grow as a couple than it is to just sit and watch TV. I grew up in a TV watching family so it will be hard, but it will be worth it!

Like some of the other ladies have said, there really isn't much of anything worth watching these days.

I'm sure your kids will remember the times you spent as a family than the times you spent watching TV.

I love your blog by the way! It's giving me great tips for when I do take the plunge and have a kiddo.