Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad Blog Tour Host

I signed up to do a blog tour stop for my friend Mary DeMuth, but figured out that I have overcommitted myself and bowed out at the last minute.

And I feel terrible about that.

But it is what it is (one of my favorite sayings) so I am just publicly apologizing to Mary. And encouraging those of you who are interested in learning about her book "Authentic Parenting In A Postmodern Culture" to go here to read blog interviews with numbers of other bloggers who did follow through in their promise to be a blog stop.

The truth is, I am trying to scale back on my busyness. I am coming out of the busiest season of my life-- and I don't ever want to go back there. I want to take the lessons I have gained through this season and live them out-- so I don't ever have to learn them again. So, I said no. I am in a season right now of going through every facet of my life and finding out what I can possibly say no to. It is freeing! But it also makes me feel bad at times.

I am turning a deaf ear to the guilty voices, though. Because my family's voices are louder-- and their cries are calling me home, home, home.

I don't know Mary well, but I think that she would support that.
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1 comment:

relevantgirl said...

I totally understand. Grace, grace, grace, grace, grace!

Mary E. DeMuth