Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Over The Place Thoughts

Oh my, where did the time go? Has it really been two days since I have written anything? For shame, for shame... sometimes my writing is irrepresible, sometimes it is the last thing on my mind. And on the best days it is somewhere in the middle.

Today my mind is occupied with several things:

1. My grandmother was doing better, but today there was more not good news. She is unable to eat, and the doctors say she can't last much longer than 14 days at this rate. We will see what happens and trust that God is in control. As I am typing this, my daughter is singing this song. That is my prayer especially for my mom as she faces this time of losing her last living parent. (Interesting enough, if you want to hear how this song was written, go to this clip to see the band talk about it.) For all of you who have left comments or written me privately to say you are praying, thanks so much for the prayers.

2. We leave tomorrow for two weeks at the beach, which involves packing basically the whole house. And for all you robber types-- don't get any ideas as we do have house sitters here taking care of our big, scary dog and also extremely nosy neighbors. Also, my husband and oldest son will only be there the first week, and then come home to work and football practice, respectively. But the kids and I are staying down there for a second week and having some friends join us. That second week we will have three moms and 10 kids under the age of twelve!! Doesn't that sound fun??

3. Because of number two, I have no idea how often I will get to post over the next two weeks. If this blog goes dark, don't write me off and do keep checking back!!

4. I dropped a shampoo bottle on my foot the other day in the shower. This has severely cramped my running routine and I am anxious to get back to it. This running stuff really is addictive-- and I always made fun of people who talked that way in the past.

5. There is a guy who is interested in our house, but is continuing to look. Please pray if you feel so led that either he would be "the one" or that God would send that "one" very soon! We have found a couple of houses in a neighborhood that we are interested in, but need to sell this house before we can look seriously. Of course, all of that will have to wait until after vacation. There is one house that is truly the dream house-- I found it online and told my husband about it, only the price tag was way too high for our budget. He chided me for even looking at it. Then last night we learned when talking to our realtor that, coincidentally (or not), our realtor knows this couple personally and knows that they have had the house on the market for quite some time and might be ready to deal. I am praying for a miracle there. And believe me, it would have to be a God-sized miracle for it to happen!

6. Somewhere in all of this vacationing and house hunting, I have to plan school for next year. I have warned Curt that when I return I will be venturing out for a serious teacher workday! I might even need two days!!

7. If you live in the West Palm Beach area of FL (or within driving distance) and are a homeschooler, you might consider joining me at the Back To School day-long conference and used curriculum sale on Saturday August 25th. I am very excited about this and will be speaking three times (four counting the panel I am sitting on). This will be a fun day-- if you are interested, please email me privately for details.

8. Did I mention that I am leaving for the beach tomorrow?? What in the world am I doing sitting here?? Must. Go. Pack.
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