Thursday, April 09, 2009

Living Math

In a perfect world, my math curriculum would look like she describes in this very insightful article. I just ordered myself a copy of Family Math. That's a step in the right direction!

Here are some more links for those of you want to learn more about living math:

Here's a great activity that's perfect for this time of year-- we might just try this today! (And for you non-homeschoolers, you can still give this a try-- it's a great way to keep them busy over spring break!)

And finally, this is a great post with a list of living math picture books:
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mb - i will look up the math stuff for tyler- he'd like that - but mostly just wanted to say hi, catch up with your life and say i love this new family photo! Beautiful - melanie

Unknown said...

Yes, the new family pic is gorgeous! :-)
Glad you enjoyed my math journey. I'm sure many have already figured out living math, but it took me so long, and I've never found it outlined like this elsewhere. I still have a long way to go, and I'm already wondering about algebra?

Jennifer said...

Hi Marybeth,

I LOVE your new blog look! What a beautiful family you have... Just stopped by to wish you and your family a beautiful Easter!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look...but where are the other blog links on the right that you used to share? I loved reading them!! :(

Help! :)

Angel77 said...

I need to learn how to take school outside. With my "first-year-itis" and being so careful to make sure that we get everything done, I tend to forget the fun in learning. Thanks for the game suggestion!

really.truly said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I reserved Family Math at my library. Just love your blog!

Karin Katherine said...

We love this book. I wish I had known you needed a copy. We have two and I would have gladly sent you the double!