Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What Worked For Me This Week

Sometimes it's good to take stock of what worked this week instead of dwelling on what didn't. 
Here's what worked for me this week... 

The newly bloomed magnolias-- they aren't just gorgeous, they smell so good. There is one part along my walk where the scent just floats on the air. That makes the walking worth it! 

And speaking of walking... Walking worked for me this week. It's funny how some weeks I'm more in the mood to do one form of exercise over the other. This week was all about walking and listening to audiobooks. I finished up Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen and moved right onto Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeal. Another thing that worked for me this week? My Audible membership! 

I read this quote in Annie Dillard's book The Writing Life and promptly created this image for sharing. I sent it directly to a few writing friends, who all politely thanked me but I could tell they weren't feeling it the way I did. Then the next day I just got this urge to send it to an acquaintance, so I did. Minutes later I got the most heartfelt thank you-- saying it was exactly what she needed to hear at that moment. 

Maybe you need to hear it too, whoever you are... 

And speaking of writing, I am really enjoying the new book I am writing. I like the story, the characters. That is a good feeling. I sincerely hope one of these days this story makes it into your hands. 

A day that is filled with one child's prom and the other child's test for her driving permit is a busy day indeed. The kind of day you both celebrate and dread as a parent. These are my middle kids... but no one has told them they are middle children yet, it would seem. Trust me when I say no one's going to overlook them! 

When you intend to make a recipe that was on the back of a bag but then accidentally throw the bag away, you can always go to the store and snap a photo of the bag with the recipe so all is not lost. (And if you would like to try this recipe, it was very good and quick and easy to throw together. Just a warning: it's spicy. So either ease up on the chili garlic sauce or, if your people love spicy, heap it on.) 

And speaking of recipes... Sometimes the best thing you can do on a Monday is spend the hours it takes to plan meals and make a grocery list, then spend the time to get all the items. My week has gone so nicely because all the items for these meals are present and accounted for. 

What worked for you this week? 

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