Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What Worked For Me This Week

Every Wednesday I try to post a few things that worked for me in the past week. It's fun to recall what worked-- no matter how small-- instead of dwell on what didn't. Here's my list for this week:

This post I wrote, then had to go back and re-read for myself after a particularly bad mothering day. This is called preaching to oneself, something I have to do more than I'd like to admit. I am the worst about forgetting the things I should remember. (See Sherlock Brain post from Monday.) 

Stopping to inhale this just-bloomed honeysuckle. No candle or fabric softener or perfume can replicate this smell. 

This shot of a street I walk down almost every day. I love the arching trees and all the green. Looking for and capturing this kind of beauty on film helps me keep things in perspective. It's also good to look up at towering trees and remember just how small you really are. 

Going on a little photo scavenger hunt while I was walking. This time I kept my eye out for purple flowers, which I found in abundance! 

Snapping this photo of our dog and then sending it to my college daughter in the middle of her exam week with a note that the dog misses her. She was like, "Mom, you're crazy." But I know it made her laugh and took her mind off her stress for a moment. 

This lake (glorified pond) is in our neighborhood and I've been making more of an effort to route my walk to at least go see it. Being near water always makes me feel more peaceful-- like all is right with the world. This particular view of the bench by the water is one of my favorites. It's ridiculous to live near something this lovely and not partake in it with some degree of regularity. 

So what about you? What worked for you this week? 

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