Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I've Learned This Month (April)

I believe in always learning, always seeking to grow and change, always looking for ways to improve. For these reasons, Emily Freeman's linkup each month is right up my alley. Here's what I've learned in the month of April:

  • As I'm starting over with the publishing process this quote is something I need to remember. All the time. Learned? Published authors are to be admired for their sheer tenacity and thickness of skin. I think it's nearly impossible to be an author and not face rejection in some form. 

  • I value the books I pay for more than the ones I get for free. If I've paid for something, I will be more likely to move it to the top of the list, and actually read it. Learned? We place value in what we pay for. Having some skin in the game, in whatever form, really does make a difference.

  • Taking a break is not always easy. You might find yourself wanting to go back. But you should stick with the time you set and lean into whatever the break will reveal. See it through. And in the process, see whatever you need to see. Learned? The built in break times of the year (lent, Christmas, summer, etc.) provide us with a good excuse. We should take advantage of these excuses.
Yeah, learned this too. I learn this one a lot. 

  • Sometimes we take things out of God's hands. When we realize we've done that, it's good to give it back. Learned? Pray. 

  • Beauty really does invigorate the soul. Spring is a time of renewal not just for nature, but for us too. Breathing in the floral scented air, seeing the trees outfitted with their new green leaves, hearing the birdsong has been so good for me this month. On the bad days my husband quickly learned to say, "Go for a walk. Get outside." The treadmill can't live up to that experience. Learned? When it doubt, or in pain, or in flux, or in blah mode... get outside. 

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Jenn Buell said...

As someone trying to get my first book published I wanted to yell "AMEN!" at your first on this list. :) I had an agent basically tell me (not her words as she was nicer) that I'm not a big enough deal to get a publisher to think twice. Work on building my platform and get back. So I cried and felt sad for a couple of days and then dusted myself off and got to work. Thanks for sharing your list. Found you on Emily's links.