Monday, January 19, 2015

What To Do With Your One Word

If you've spent any time on this blog you already know I'm a huge believer in the my one word concept. What is it? Just venture over to this site to learn more. I'll wait till you get back...

Ok? You're back. So you're inspired to pick a word for the year but then... what do you do with it after you pick it?

Well, I've got some suggestions for you today. After five years of doing this I've learned how to put your word to use so you don't forget all about it in the midst of your busy life. (Ask me how I know this can happen...)

1. Start a journal just for your word. In it you can record thoughts about how the word is showing up in your life, verses that pertain to your word, quotes that make you think about your word, etc. By writing in the journal a couple of times a week (or every day) you will be thinking regularly about it.

2. Get a piece of jewelry that has your word on it then wear that piece often.

3. Print up a sign with the word in a pretty font, add the definition of the word and maybe a few quotes or verses that you'd like to keep in mind. Then frame the paper and put it somewhere you will see it daily. (Mine goes on my bathroom counter where I get ready.)

4. Find someone to hold you accountable to the word you picked. Make a monthly date to get together for coffee and talk about how the word is challenging and growing you. Can't think of someone? My good friend Rachel (co-author of the book My One Word) is now offering monthly coaching packages where she'll hold you accountable.

On the far left is Rachel Olsen. And this is also a group of friends so this picture works for two reasons.
It's good to have friends to hold you accountable, even better if they make you laugh. That's Zoe Elmore in the middle and me on the far right. 

5. Organize a book study and go through the book with a group of girlfriends. There are dvd's available to enhance your study, or you can just gather and discuss a chapter at a time.

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