Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, Monday

Listening... to rain pouring down. As long as I don't have to get out in it, it's nice. Earlier it thundered, which means (as legend has it) that it's going to snow soon.

Wearing... boots. Nearly every day. Boots are about the only good part of winter, far as I can see. Except for maybe snow days, and we don't get many (any?) of those down south. So boots it is!

Talking... to my friends after weeks of silence because we were all busy with family stuff during the holidays. It's good to reconnect.

Reading... an Alice Hoffman book I read in college, Illumination Night. She sure can write.

Thinking... about a new novel, before my other one is officially finished. Is that cheating? Oh well, it's what my brain does. Once the plot and characters of one novel are established, my mind moves onto another set of circumstances and people.

Creating... a meal plan, using the Gooseberry Patch cookbook, Mom Knows Best. The meals aren't fancy, but my family doesn't expect fancy-- just filling.

Learning... how to podcast... I hope. I've signed up for an online class and am working with some friends to launch one. Hoping to have good news to that end sometime in the first half of this year. If we can launch this thing it's going to be worth listening to.

Praying... for my husband's one word, and mine. (More on that below.)

Planning... to tackle edits on my novel this week. I've taken time to ponder the changes I need to make, now to dive back in. Admittedly, I will probably stand on the diving board holding my breath then exhaling, pulling my bathing suit down again and again, and shifting my weight from foot to foot as I stare down at the water-- i.e., prolonging the inevitable.

Loving... getting back into a routine. I loved the break we had over Christmas but it was time to get back to normal.

Reflecting... on a great weekend with my dear friend Rachel Olsen. She spoke at my church on My One Word yesterday and, listening to her, I was more convinced than ever that everyone should pick a word each year. It really will change your life. And here's an exciting development! If you want a kick in the pants to keep you going with your word all year, she's now offering year-long coaching for very affordable prices at different levels. Check out what she's offering!
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Sheila Jubera said...

My word this year is "Enough" - Enough of taking what I have been dished out, remembering that God is enough and provides enough, and learning that I am enough...

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a nice start to the week! My one word is prayer, but not in an overly spiritual way....just coming to the Lord with ALL things. I also picked Phil 4:6,7 as my verse for the year. It has helped me already, to have this in place!

Marybeth Whalen said...

Stephanie I was this close to choosing prayer as my one word! Sheila, I think your word enough and my word abundance go hand in hand. Sheila and Stephanie thank you for sharing your words.