Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday: Scraps

Don't forget about Shellie Tomlinson's wonderful advent devotion series. This week it moves to Dr. Joneal Kirby's blog. I hope you are all participating and loving it! It circles back around to me on Thursday-- coming up soon!

I spent this weekend preparing for the week-- getting a jump on errands and readying myself for what I hope turns out to be a calmer week than last week. I even planned a menu for the week. Here it is:

Baked chicken, greek salad, Texas toast

Subs and chips

Pepper Steak over rice

Biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs

Pasta Fagioli soup and bread

Pork Tenderloin and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans

That gets us to next week at least!

Sometimes I think it's good to think of what we succeeded at during the week instead of how we came up short. I tried to think of that this weekend as I took stock of the past week. At first glance the week felt like a lot of stops and starts and misfires. But then I dug a bit and realized that last week I...

Finished my manuscript and sent it to an agent for consideration (which feels horrible and wonderful at the exact same time)

Decorated the house for Christmas

Took my kids to their school craft bazaar

Had lunch with a friend

Ran into an acquaintance from my elementary school days (this is what happens when you live in the same small town you were raised in) and was able to encourage her about raising teenagers

Jotted down some notes/insights for my next novel

Ordered a research book for said novel

Took my daughter shopping so she could buy gifts for her friends (with her babysitting money)

Finally bought a hanging basket of pansies to replace my dead fern

Ordered Christmas cards

It's good to review your successes and not just beat yourself up for your shortcomings. No matter how small your successes are, they're worth noting. And if you don't, who will?

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Stephanie said...

You're right! We should celebrate what we accomplish now and then. I, much like you, all too often focus on the list and what still needs accomplished. Kudos to you for a week well done and heading into this next one with a good focus!

Marybeth Whalen said...

Thanks Stephanie! Would love to hear what you're celebrating getting done!