Monday, December 15, 2014

A Heart Wide Open Advent Devotion Day 16

This is my last day with you guys-- I've enjoyed hosting and I hope you'll pop back by and visit with me from time to time. I post here semi-regularly and am apt to talk about writing, cooking, parenting, reading... well just about anything!

Today Shellie reminds us what we're really reaching for when we're tempted to add "more" to our Christmas. (And Shellie, I use the word "gussy" too. It's a good word!) As we head into the homestretch of Christmas let's all resist the temptation to do more, add more, want more. And let's be honest with ourselves about what we really want, deep down-- soul deep.

To download your printables, go here:

Enjoy the rest of the advent season and be sure and go to Mary Snyder's blog next! You're gonna love hanging out with her. My immense thanks to Miss Shellie for including me in this fun and enriching time.

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