Monday, November 03, 2014

Monday: Scraps (The Photo Edition)

Every Monday I share scraps of stuff all in one post. This Monday I've done it using photos I took during the week and weekend.
My reading for the coming month. At least, that's the plan. My reading list is constantly in flux.
Not pictured: an ebook, The Storytelling God and 2 audio books, The Good Girl and We Were Liars. I listen to audio books on cd in the car when I'm out running errands and sitting in the carpool line and I can usually finish at least one a month that way. I typically read (or listen to in some cases) 6 books per month. In November I just might make 7!
My youngest went trick or treating with neighbors on Halloween which meant this was the first Halloween in 22 years we didn't have to take anyone out. It was also, consequently, the first Halloween we didn't have photos of her all dressed up. Our neighbors promise that photos are forthcoming. In the meantime, I have this one pre-game shot of the two buddies. They've known each other since they were babies and have grown into such lovely girls.
This is my youngest son after he got home from his candy-hoarding exploits. He's quite proud of his haul, as you can tell. He is missing his silver skeleton mask I bought him at the Target for $8.

And no Halloween would be complete without the obligatory silly shot. This is a husband who can't believe he got to sit inside the whole evening. Though I did make him answer the door since he's never done that before. (And lest you think I am embarrassing him by sharing this, he made it his profile pic on Twitter.)

Speaking of candy, I've been trying to eat healthy. (Confession: I did have 3 pieces of the kids' candy when they got home. What can I say? I am weak.) This is my new answer to my occasional craving for a good ole pb&j: Ezekiel bread, almond butter and sugar free blackberry jam. It's surprisingly good (as evidenced by the missing two bites I immediately took) and filling too.

This week's menu plan, all ready to go. The flash covers up the "roast beef with gravy"  and a little bit of the "white chili" that my husband asked for. And yes, I did spell penne wrong-- not sure what I was thinking except that someone was probably talking to me while I was writing. That happens a lot.

Required reading now that we're into November. I need some Thanksgiving inspiration as I start to think about that massive undertaking. (Source: Pioneer Woman Holidays cookbook)

My novel in progress, all printed off. It's not finished but there's a beginning, middle and end and just seeing it in this form feels like progress. I plan to spend the month of November shaping it into a story that people might actually want to read. Right now that is not the case.
I am basically starting over with my writing-- right now I have no agent, no publisher, and no book. Hopefully by the end of this month at least one of those things will be different. I remain hopeful, and honestly? Excited. I know I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing and moving in a direction I'm supposed to be moving. It's out of my comfort zone, but that's not a bad thing. I'll keep you posted.

And finally, I made this this past week. It might not look like much in the picture but It. Was. Delicious. I plan to share the recipe this week. Seriously. You have to make it once I do.

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