Monday, October 13, 2014

The Weekend Report

I didn't make this this weekend, but I thought I'd include the recipe because it is fun. And colorful. And ever so fallish. It's simply one jar of dry roasted peanuts, one bag of M&M's, and one bag of candy corn. Mix it all together and put it out for your family to grab a handful as they pass by. Or bag it up and give it to friends or neighbors as a little fall gift. (Of course, not if they have a peanut allergy in their house. That would be bad. My daughter is in a peanut free classroom this year and I have gotten an impromptu education on what is safe and not safe for people with nut allergies.)

This weekend we did nothing and everything. We slept in both days due to several people in the house who are fighting off colds. We cleaned the house. We lectured children on grades and respect for others and using time wisely (ie, get off the social media) and all the same sermonettes we seem to need to repeat with alarming regularity. (Why don't they ever learn? Oh yeah, they are eat up with the sin nature just like we are.)

We went over to some friends' house on Friday night and ate takeout sitting on their lovely covered patio, had those same friends over Saturday night, and had another friend over Sunday night. (Hence the house cleaning.) Inspired by my own cookbook post last week, I made ranch chicken sandwiches on Saturday night. Sunday night I made comfort food-- chicken pie, slow cooked green beans, buttered corn and apple crisp served warm with vanilla ice cream. I've been eating healthy lately (no flour, sugar, starches, etc.) but it's possible I indulged a bit on Sunday night. Who could resist?

Most importantly, we were all home this weekend-- all 8 of us. With our second child/first daughter off to college, we hadn't had that happen in two months. It was so nice to all be under one roof and gather around the table and share stories and laugh. I don't think I'll forget our discussion of personality types or my sons' dual impressions of "Seth Galifianakis" any time soon. We are a family of storytellers and jokesters and nowhere else does that come out more than after the meal is eaten and we stay seated.

We don't always get parenting right, or do it well, but I hope that as these kids of ours grow up and launch into their own lives, it will be these moments they recall, the hours spent lingering at the table, with guests or without, just talking, laughing, catching up and enjoying time together. Just knowing such moments are possible keeps me going.

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Mary Lou said...

Our family is smaller than yours--just my husband, 2 daughters, and myself--but I can totally relate to your happiness at having the whole family. My older daughter started college this year, as well, and she was home this weekend for fall break. I posted on Facebook Saturday morning that it was the best feeling in the world to know that my whole family was together at home.