Monday, October 06, 2014

The Weekend Report

We had a fabulous weekend with weather that couldn't be topped. This weekend started early for us, with a trip down to Charleston to see David Gray one last time in concert before he leaves the states, not to return for who knows how long. Last time it was two years! We had a late lunch/early dinner at Fleet Landing Restaurant on the water, then headed over to North Charleston for the concert. We enjoyed the evening so much. David Gray concerts are our favorite date nights, hands down.

The next day we headed home in time to get our kids from school, wishing we could make a whole weekend of the lovely city of Charleston. But duty called, and a fun event awaited-- celebrating the birthday of a 24 year old young lady who I have known since she was 2. Our 22 year old son joined us, as she was one of his first friends, and it was a great evening with old friends.

David Gray, looking serious.
Saturday was low key-- errands in preparation for our 14 year old's school barn dance and household stuff. Curt grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and we spent a quiet evening in after two nights out. We were ready for S-L-O-W by then! The only time we left the house was to take and pick her up from her dance.

Sunday brought church with a wonderful message. I will admit when I heard the two verses the pastor was preaching from I thought "Now how is he going to make a whole message out of this?" Well he did. And how. The worship was done by the high school band and watching those kids brought me great hope for our future. So, so good. I was so glad we went to church. I always am.

After church we came home and had leftover hot dogs and hamburgers, I threw together some Taco Soup in the crockpot, then went to see Gone Girl with friends. Not to be a spoiler here but if you've heard they changed the ending, DO NOT BE FOOLED. They did not. I hated the ending of the book so you can imagine how I felt about the movie. All in all we enjoyed seeing the book brought to life on the big screen and it brought up some great discussion for the car ride home. (Keep in mind: It is rated R, and it earns every bit of that rating.)

After the movie we came home and ate the soup with the kids, then putzed around getting ready for a new week. I even found a few minutes to sit out on our deck with a glass of wine and read a book I'm loving. We finished the weekend with the double-header premiere of Homeland. Much as I said I wasn't going to watch it this season, I caved. I was bitter over Brody, but I had to see how Carrie was adjusting to motherhood. Answer? She can take on terrorists but a tiny baby? Not so much.

Homeland, season 4 sans Brody
I was sad to see this particular weekend go, as it was chock full of great couple time, family time, fabulous weather, and fun. Not all weekends are like that. But the ones that are keep us going.

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Stephanie said...

What a great weekend you had! That makes entering a new week much nicer!

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