Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday... And Fall (Some Random Thoughts)

Last weekend I made this pound cake. And all I can say is, make it too. I used the cinnamon glaze from this recipe for some added deliciousness. It really added to the overall flavor. I'm a big believer in glazes and icings.

This weekend I might make these. Don't they look delicious? (It is no coincidence that they also have a glaze.)

Now that I have conceded that it is fall I am game on. It's time to decorate my house and make All The Pumpkin Stuff. If you love decorating and cooking in the fall, check out my Fall Pinterest board. I plan to get the fall decorations out of the attic, with the help of my loving and ever-helpful family, this weekend. Then my house will be transformed to a fall wonderland. Interesting side note: while summer is my favorite season, fall is only second to Christmas in the amount of decorations I have hoarded collected.

This made me laugh-- 25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall-- it's a little irreverent but, still, funny. I sent it to my 20 yo daughter and she thought it was funny too. I think she recognized herself and her friends.

I've already been burning this candle. I especially enjoyed it on a cooler day this week that was overcast and felt very much like fall. The glow of the candle and the quiet of the house while I took care of little business things made for a peaceful day. If you gotta do busywork, this is the best way to do it, I say.

Whatever your weekend holds, I hope you'll find a way to make it satisfying. Whether it's adding some touches of beauty to your home, taking a nice long walk on a fall afternoon, playing relaxing music (I highly recommend the Autumn Music station on Pandora if you're looking), lighting a candle that smells nice, or baking something sweet and fallish. How will you embrace the season?
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Anonymous said...

Hi Marybeth,

It's so funny reading your thoughts on fall this time around. I truly related to your reluctance to usher it coming in, because, as you see, living the north, I really do not look forward to sock/shoe weather, and mourn the end of summer. So much that, today, I still wore shorts. So I will hold onto summer until the bitter end. After all, according to the calendar, fall hasn't arrived yet. But once it does, I look forward to trying out this yummy looking recipe. Pray our winters are not as snowy as last year!

Thanks for the recipe -


Wendy Roseman said...

Hello Marybeth! I tried to find another place to email you, however, this was the only place I could find, so here goes. I am a missionary from China Grove, NC living in White River, South Africa. Monday I was at the local Bible book store looking for an "easy" read. I live where things can be really heavy, so light is what I was looking for. I came across The Guest Book and just had to buy it because the story takes place in OIB and Sunset! I grew up going to OIB and some of my favorite memories are from OIB and Holden.

I started the book on Monday evening and finished it today. It helped that I'm laid up with a torn ligament in my ankle. Anyway! The book was great and reading it was just a little reminder of home. The only thing missing was the mention of Cheerwine! LOL!

One last thing...I loved how it goes from the artist to The Artist! Praying blessings over you all the way from South Africa! Wendy

Marybeth Whalen said...

Thanks Wendy! So cool that you found the book all the way in South Africa! Glad you could get a little taste of home while away. If you liked that one, please check out the other Sunset Beach novels I've done (cover photos with links in my sidebar)-- it'll give you a chance to go back to Sunset Beach several more times. :)

Anonymous said...

It has been a long time since your last post and I miss reading your thoughts. Hope everything is ok with you.

Carla White said...

Hi Marybeth! Just wanted to let you know that I am hoping things are ok with you...haven't seen a post in a while and have been checking daily. Hopefully you are just busy, busy, busy like the rest of us. Sending prayers your way!