Monday, July 14, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote: "Within your heart keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go, and, sheltered so, may thrive and grow where doubt and fear are not. Oh, keep a place apart, within your heart, for little dreams to go." Louise Driscoll

That's what I'm trying to do lately-- find a spot in my heart for my writing that has its own sheltered spot where doubt and fear are not. Thanks to Ariel Lawhon for knowing I needed that quote this past week!

Listening To: The Sirius XM 80's on 8 top 40 countdown from this week the year I graduated from high school. What a fun summer that was! Lots of memories of misadventures with my three best friends who are, thankfully, still part of my life to this day.

Write Every Day: I have added this back because I have been writing every day. I can hardly believe it. I'm enjoying it, too. Which is the best part. It's too early to tell if this will become an actual novel that can be held in one's hands. Right now I'm just letting the story unfold.

Sharing Stories: On my reading docket for this week is Landline by Rainbow Rowell and One and Only by Emily Giffin. Here's hoping I get them both read this week! My 8yo daughter is working her way through a new children's book called Quinny and Hopper and my 12yo son is reading The Cabinet of Curiosities: 36 Tales Brief and Sinister.

Randomness: I spent three hours on the phone the other night catching up with an old friend. She was one of my first mom friends and our three oldest children are all within a few months of each other. They moved away and we lost touch for a while so it was so fun to see what she's been up to for, oh, the last decade or so. (Hence the three hour conversation.) Old friends are special.

In The Kitchen: What are your favorite summer lunches? My kids eat so many sandwiches during the school year that they just about refuse to eat them during the summer. We've been doing whole wheat wraps with lettuce, tomato, avocado and deli meat with a splash of vinaigrette, nacho platters, Ramen noodles, egg salad, rice cakes with peanut butter and fruit, and of course leftovers. I've found myself cooking more than we'll eat just so that there will be some leftovers as a quick go-to lunch. Noon finds me most every day in the kitchen for a good hour or so making sure my people are fed. This is a part of summer I forget about every year until it is upon me.

Plans: I've got some fun plans I will share later, with pictures if all goes well. I won't be around on the blog much this week because of that.

Loveliness: The other day I ran past a huge, blooming Magnolia tree. I had to pause and just inhale. I was glad I live in a place where Magnolia trees are abundant and their lovely fragrance wafts through the air.

Photo Of The Week:

Why yes that is fried squash, the proof that I actually made it for the first time ever. And it was SO good. I am inordinately proud of myself for making something that intimidated me. I think it's good to tackle things that intimidate you from time to time. Like climbing a mountain, writing a novel, surfing, speaking in public or... frying things.
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