Monday, May 12, 2014

Intentional Monday

Quote: "I think with each book you learn more and you grow as a writer so you learn to recognize weaknesses early, and to question things sooner. I've also learned how to listen to my inner voice more when I have doubts about a plotline or a character. I think with each book I'm beginning to understand my own style more, what works for me, and where my voice resonates the most."

A definite yes to this quote from Chevy Stevens, whose new book THAT NIGHT I devoured in days.

Write Every Day... With wrapping up the teaching and turning in my grades and just some other stuff I had going on last week, I didn't do any writing. I had just done an edit and was needing a break and some time to clear my head. BUT. Here's what happened-- as I took a break from writing fiction, all these nonfiction ideas (aka blog fodder) popped into my head. I've been frantically scribbling down the ideas so I don't lose them. It just goes to show that sometimes taking a break is just the thing you need. But I do plan to dive back into the story this week. And now-- because of the break-- I'm actually looking forward to doing so.

My One Word... AFFIRM. Coolest thing happened this week: a friend of mine kept popping into my head one day last week. I just couldn't get her off my mind. I've learned to pay attention when that happens-- that there's usually a reason. So after I got done teaching, I got in my car and called her. And the minute she heard my voice she burst into tears. She had just gotten home from picking up her daughter, who had had a seizure at school that day. She was in a place of "what if" and "what next" and really, really needed someone to tell her things would be ok, that she could do this. It was one of those moments of AFFIRMing that God is in all of it, and that He cares enough to have our people there for us when we need them. And it was a good AFFIRMation for me that I should never hesitate to reach out to those my mind goes to, especially if it keeps going there.

Listening To: This sermon on mercy. It wrecked me for days. Every person in this world who professes faith should listen to it. It will probably step all over your toes. All the better.

Sharing Stories... the pick for this month at She Reads is one of my personal favorites. I actually bought the British edition a year ago and was enthralled with the story of a group of college students who stumble upon a little hideaway and decide to hole up there and create their own utopia. You can probably guess that things do NOT go to plan. Lots of surprises in this one and just a good examination of complicated relationships and how our past holds sway over us. And I also just think the author is stinking cute. Read this great post about how she balances motherhood and writing and I think you'll agree.

Randomness... Making your bed always makes your room feel neater. My children do not ascribe to this theory, but it's true. Also, a made bed sleeps better. (This section is called "randomness.")

In The Kitchen... We've got a few things left over from last week that we didn't get around to eating. Our nights now that swim season has started are just crazy. In a few days I will have to come up with a new menu plan, though. Better head to my Food Faves board at Pinterest.

Plans... I have not a lot on the calendar this week-- and that is just the way I like it. Now that my substituting gig and story workshops are over for the year, I find my days looking blissfully empty. I will fill them with writing and answering emails and She Reads stuff and puttering around my house and reading blogs I love and, ok, yes, on Pinterest and Twitter and Facebook. Come on, you know you do it too.

Loveliness... This is the ultimate in loveliness to me. Books becoming art. Yes, please.

Photo of the week:

Cultivating an artist at home. New art supplies and a fancy, "official" sketchbook to fill.
And yes, those are crumbs on the table. Keepin it real.
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