Monday, January 27, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote of the week... "Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow." Mary Jean Irion (read in HANDS FREE MAMA)

This quote really captures what I'm trying to do with my new "One Amazing Thing" journal. I'm finding it a worthwhile effort to determine one amazing thing that happened each day.

Write Every Day... Sigh. Didn't happen this week. I missed Monday and Tuesday because I was out of town and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday got swallowed up by... life. This week doesn't promise to be much better as I teach twice this week and have several other commitments besides. So far my lofty ambitions are getting bulldozed by living.

My One Word... Seeing AFFIRM at play in my life in so many ways. Am still so tickled by this word and its impact in my life. It was a word worth waiting for.

Listening To... this week in 1985 top 40 countdown. 1985 was, in my humble opinion, the best year in music, ever.

Sharing Stories... Reading two as yet unreleased books to consider as She Reads selections. Can't tell you what they are but they are both, in their own way, a tribute to reading, and books, and story-- all passions of mine, so of course I'm enjoying them. I finished listening to Joshilyn Jackson's SOMEONE ELSE'S LOVE STORY and I loved it ever so much. The writing is so strong and the faith elements she weaves throughout the story just awed me. I have said before that listening to her books on audio, with her reading them, are my favorite way to experience her books. This one did not disappoint. If your library has the book on audio, do not wait to GO AND GET IT!! Or look for it on iTunes or Audible.

Randomness... I'm working on a new publishing venture that I'm super excited about. Some friends of mine invited me to join them in creating a fictional SC lowcountry town and developing stories that all take place there. These novellas will start coming out soon as ebooks and you know I'll be telling more about it as we get closer. Suffice it to say they're going to be quick reads that will vary from sweet to spicy. The authors involved are all talented and we are having a blast creating a town, and all its citizens. It's a place where we'd all like to live and we hope that you will too!

In The Kitchen... Sometimes I find something I stuck in the freezer for someday and am so thankful to past me for doing this kindness for future me, who is feeling uninspired and unmotivated in the kitchen. This happened today when I found frozen chicken pot pie filling just waiting for a Bisquick crust. Voila! Dinner! Other meals planned for this week are Vegetable Soup, Shredded Pork Burritos, Breakfast for dinner... winter comfort food.

Plans...  Busy week ahead with only two days I'm able to be at home. I need my days at home to get stuff done-- blog posts, responding to emails, and writing. It's only Monday and I'm already feeling behind. That doesn't bode well for my attitude and outlook. I suspect I'll be combatting that defeatist perspective most of the week.

Loveliness... trying to appreciate the starkness of winter light, the short days, a fire in the fireplace, and the feeling of crisp air. Because with the polar vortex that decided to make a return visit, I don't have much choice!

Photo of the Week... This is a view of what I was doing one week ago tonight as I attended an event at Foxtale Books in Woodstock GA. I got to spend an amazing day with my best friend and She Reads partner, Ariel Lawhon. We live in two different states so any time we can get together is a gift.

The authors featured at the "Susanna and Friends" event, from left to right:
Karen White, Susanna Kearsley, Kimberly Brock, and Ariel Lawhon
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Amy O'Quinn said...

So jealous! I love both Karen White's (I got to meet her last year and we talked about you) and Susanna Kearsley's books! I haven't read Kimberly's or Ariel's books yet, but this looks like an awesome group! I know you had a great time! :) Hope you have a productive week!