Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back To Ordinary

There is something about the days after Christmas, when you finally pack all of the red and green and silver and gold back into the boxes and put them back in the attic for another year.
At first the house seems strangely bare.

But then your eyes adjust... and you start to think that maybe the absence of color is just what you need.

 Everything looks so... ordinary.

 But maybe ordinary is just what we need right now. Maybe routine and commitment with all its beige and neutral tones, is a welcome contrast to festive and unexpected and its bright colors.

 Maybe the winter light slanting across the table needs to be celebrated for just what it is. Maybe it doesn't need our help to be anything more. Ordinary light, it turns out, is rather pretty.  

And ordinary days can be worth something too. It feels good to be back to ordinary... to start the year in neutral, because neutral goes with everything. And who knows what this new year will bring?

And for the days when we need a little glimmer of the festive and fun? Well, there's always Valentine's Day-- little pops of red-- lurking just around the corner.
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