Friday, January 31, 2014

A Video For Friday

This was filmed last May. I received the final version of it a while back but didn't share it because 1) I hate to see myself on film and 2) I kinda forgot to do it. But on Wednesday we had a snow day and, with everyone home, I wasn't getting much writing done. So I designated it as "take care of emails I have ignored day." It's a little known holiday.

So, here is the video interview I did for ATMCTV, the cable carrier for the Sunset Beach NC area (where many of my novels are set).

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Amy O'Quinn said...

What a nice interview! And I thought you looked very lovely and extremely poised. Great job! :)

Candice said...

Thanks for sharing! Great job. I live in Wilmington so I love that your book are set close by.

Jane said...

Great interview. I enjoyed hearing more details of how you do your craft (1000 words a day, knowing the ending, etc.) I am very excited to know I'll have a new novel of yours to look forward to each year! Hopefully someday I'll get to vacation in your area.