Friday, November 22, 2013

Preparing To Be Thankful

It's less than a week til Thanksgiving and I'm turning my thoughts to all that must be done for the big day. Do we have enough silverware (anyone else have disappearing spoons-- this is a phenomena akin to disappearing socks and not part of parenting I was prepared for)? Do we have enough plates for all the people? How will I set the table and where will the food be? What am I serving and when is it going to be prepared? Is there anything I can make ahead??

These are the thoughts that are starting to take over my brain.
You can make a "give thanks" banner. Instructions for doing so are here.

But there are other thoughts as well. Thoughts of what the reason is for this holiday. I've been having less-than-grateful thoughts more than grateful ones and I'm trying to turn my thinking around. Here's some ways I've been inspired by lately, and I thought you might be too:

Make a "Top Ten Reasons I'm Thankful For You" list for each member of my family and present it to them on Thanksgiving morning.

Create a Thanksgiving Blessing Journal. Or some modification thereof. Even if you just write your own journal entry the morning of, or the night before if you're going to-- like me-- be spending the entire day in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

Make place settings that inspire guests towards gratitude.

String a Thanksgiving Banner across your kitchen, or den, or... wherever.

Make a Wreath Of Plenty, so we can remember that we do have plenty, even when it seems that others have more or we don't have enough.

I hope these ideas got you thinking. They have inspired me to focus on the gratitude as much as I focus on the food.
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