Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On Looking At Mantels Instead Of Blogging

Here is what was on my to-do list this evening: Write blog post.

Here is what I did instead: looked at approximately 200 fall mantels.

To be sure I *did* get good ideas. My mind is awhirl with burlap and chevron and mercury glass and painted pumpkin genius.

I got such good ideas that my table centerpiece might finally change from summer theme to fall.

Although I realize I was not looking at tablescapes. I was looking at mantlescapes. (I looked it up. Mantelscape is an actual word. So is tablescape.)

But the mantels have creative transferability to tables. It's all lovely. And inspiring. And seasonal. 

So perhaps another day I will write a blog post. And maybe in said blog post I will share my mantel decorated in all its fall finery. And maybe I will throw in a tablescape for good measure. Because I like to overdeliver.

And put a check by all the items on my to-do list.
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