Thursday, August 01, 2013

An Ice Cream Afternoon

When I said I'd host a Cadbury High Tea party, I had no idea what to expect. So imagine my surprise and delight when boxes of Cadbury ice cream bars showed up packed on dry ice on my doorstep! The wonders of technology never cease to amaze my simpleton brain.

I had every intention of throwing a full-fledged high tea like the kit suggested, complete with china tea cups and the adorable fascinator hats they sent as part of my party kit. But alas, vacations, bouts with pinkeye and swimmers ear, and a plethora of silly tasks conspired to push that further and further out on the horizon. When would I have the wherewithal to decorate my house, send out invites, and carve out several hours to host such a party? And would anyone even come in the midst of their own busy schedules??

happy little girls enjoying ice cream

And that's when I hit upon an idea-- why not take the party on the road? In my case, just up the road to my neighborhood pool. No clean up, no invites because our friends are already there, and no time to carve out because we are going to be there anyway trying to soak up some (rare!) sun. So that's just what we did. I toted my frozen treats up the road and, during the first adult swim, broke out the party in a box that is Cadbury Ice Cream bars.

boys being silly-- the ice cream just makes them sillier

Let me tell you, I am rarely supermom or popular with the kids like I was on that day! I was, also, popular with the adults. And the lifeguards. No one could believe their fortune-- delicious ice cream appearing out of the blue, and on an otherwise ordinary day. People all but broke out in song.

nothing brightens a woman's day like chocolate-- and a float, and a pool

A word on these treats, if you'd like to buy several boxes and take them to your local pool, or just surprise your family with a special dessert one evening: We had Caramello, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, and English Toffee varieties. The favorites varied as much as the folks enjoying them. The consensus was-- they were all good. The chocolate is quality chocolate, in a nice, thick, not skimped on layer around Blue Bunny ice cream that doesn't taste like it's loaded with preservatives. And also? I love that these snack size bars are not huge. They are a good size, a decent size, perfect for a little something sweet.

Just the right size to brighten an already bright summer afternoon!

*I received the party kit as part of a promotional program with Cadbury and MomSelect.
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Deena Siddle said...

How great is that, I would love to have ice cream show up on my door step. What a great way to share.

Marybeth Whalen said...

Thanks Deena! It was quite fun! And I will take a score like that with my kids anywhere I can!

Pam said...

Yum! You super mom, you!!