Monday, July 08, 2013

When Your Server No Longer... Serves

So this was longer than I intended to be away.

Last Wednesday we started having a problem with our online connection. We could get online as far as we had a connection but the pages wouldn't load. So I unplugged and replugged the modem about 42 times only to end up back where I was. Finally I broke down and called customer service for our internet provider, which is something I truly hate doing because it takes like five tries to actually get to a live person and by then I'm so frustrated. I think they do this on purpose so you will not bug them with every little thing. Because I put calling them up there with going to the DMV or the dentist.

But when unplugging didn't work I had no choice but to call. So I told Julio, who had the misfortune of being the one who answered my call, that I thought perhaps I had a server problem because I had a connection but could not log on. I could see it right there on my computer. He told me that there was no way I had a server problem because, you see, he would have it in his notes if a server was down and there was nothing in his notes.

So that means that he and I spent 25 minutes trouble-shooting my internet connection THAT I ALREADY HAD. After nothing he tried worked, he asked me to hold, that he needed to talk to his manager. I told him I thought that was a good idea. He came back from putting me on hold and I swear he had his hat in his hand, though I couldn't see it. He shuffled his feet (again I couldn't see it but I'm certain that he did) and said "Um ma'am it appears that your server is down."

I said "Julio, is this call being recorded?"

And he said, "Yes."

And I said, "Well then, for the record, to the powers that be-- not to you Julio because this is not your fault but for someone who could've let you know that the server was down-- it would probably be a good idea to let you know so that you don't make someone spend 25 minutes trouble-shooting a problem that does not exist."

And Julio, because he was as beaten down as I was by that point said "Yes ma'am."

And then we hung up, but not before Julio informed me that he was sorry to say but my server problem would not be fixed until six pm the next day. That day, I will remind you, was the 4th of July. My husband said he suspected it would in no way get fixed on the 4th because all the people who worked there would be riding boats and shooting off fireworks and eating hamburgers and splashing in the water. Not fixing servers. I told Curt to have a little faith and he gave me the look that he gives me when he knows he's right but doesn't feel like debating any further. He's a patient man and can wait to be right for a mighty long time.

Like all the way til the next day at 6:00 pm.

I will not bore you any further but suffice it to say it was not fixed on the 4th. Or the 5th, 6th, or 7th. We were hearkening back to the pioneer days around here with no internet. I was washing my clothes in the stream and milking my own cows and saddling up the horses to go to town. It was bad. We felt cut off from civilization and, as much as I love Laura Ingalls I didn't want to be her for much longer.

And so today, a guy named Sid showed up and fixed the internet. We all celebrated. There may have been champagne involved. And then I caught up on all my emails. And my Facebook and Twitter. I read a great many blog posts. I pinned some things. I listened to my Pandora channel. And then, I sat down here to tell this sad story. And to tell you that I was sorry to be away so long. Here's hoping my server keeps serving and I can write some more posts this week.

Because the thing about being in the dark ages? There's a lot of time to think about what you'd write... if only you could get online.
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.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

Welcome back! We went to visit my parents in SC for two weeks and they do not have an internet connection (and I do not have a fancy phone). After about three days of missing email and keeping up with my buddies on fb, I settled in and realized how wonderful it is to be without all the buzz for a while.

Anonymous said...

Marybeth, you are SO down to earth and I just love you for that. I'm old enough to be your mother but you just made my day. I am having trouble with my computer. It is pretty old for a computer but I'd be lost without one. It is my way of keeping in touch with family, friends and knowing what is going on in this world. Thanks for being you!