Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Projects For Those Halcyon Days

hal·cy·on [hal-see-uhn] adjective Also, hal·cy·o·ni·an [hal-see-oh-nee-uhn] Show IPA , hal·cy·on·ic [hal-see-on-ik] Show IPA . 1. calm; peaceful; tranquil: halcyon weather. 2. rich; wealthy; prosperous: halcyon times of peace. 3. happy; joyful; carefree: halcyon days of youth.

Have you made a list of summer projects yet?

What? You're not a Type A, OCD person who is compelled to create lists? Well, then maybe you're just someone who sees summer as a time to catch up on all those things you said "I wish I had time for that!" throughout the rest of the year.

I spent some time this morning going back through my Pinterest boards for just that reason. All those things I pinned with the thought that I'd get to them "someday." Well why shouldn't that "someday" be now? It's summer. I'm not under deadline for any writing. I have stuff to do but I could make time for some other projects. Those things that get pushed to the side during the busyness of life.

Maybe you'd like to do some crafts with the kids.

Maybe some little decorating projects around the house.

Maybe a gardening or outdoor project.

Maybe you'd like to finally try those recipes.

Maybe you'd like to commit to reading some great books aloud to your kids. (This post will provide you with lots of resources for that!)

Maybe it's time to start that journal or make that blessing jar or take those field trips around your city or visit that old friend or... (fill in the blanks).

I picked out some doable, not overwhelming projects I could do to make my house look nicer. A project that involves a canvas and scrapbook paper and mod podge to go on that blank wall in my living room. I got out those supplies for those rag wreaths I was going to make for my girls' room this winter, all in the bright blues and pinks and purples of their room. I found a project that involves a hula hoop and shower curtain to hang from one of our trees to create a little fort for my imaginative 7yo. I imagine her doing her Creative Thinking workbooks or reading outside or playing with her dolls in the evenings or mornings when it's cooler, encased in her own private world.

I put "Sunflower seeds" on the list for my next Target trip. Even though it's a bit late in the summer for planting them, I'm going to try anyway. I'm going to let my daughters make a trip to Michael's so they can make a summer project list of their own. They both love to craft and I'm sure they will like coming up with some fun diversions to pass the time. I'm also going to pick up the materials to make these to pass out to the neighbor kids when the 4th rolls around and we have our neighborhood parade.

These are the halcyon days of summer, and it's my privilege to make those days all the more halcyon for all of us.
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Amy O'Quinn said...

I am so inspired now to make my family's summer days more halcyon. Btw, I've always loved that word! ;) I need to go back through my pins and see what special summertime projects I can come up with for us to do! Great post!