Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Summer Bucket List (Teacher Gift)

This year I had an idea that occurred to me later, which meant scrambling around at the last minute to make it happen. I will admit I was just going to add some money to the collection they were taking up at school towards a gift card for the teacher. But my kids also like for me to give my new book to their teachers, so I was thinking about a way to include that when I came up with this idea. I thought I would share it with you all in case you wanted to file it away for the future, when you need a teacher gift idea. Hopefully you won't have to scramble around to pull it all together like I did! Advance planning is a wonderful thing.

I came up with the idea of creating a "bucket list" for the teachers. I made a list of things to do now that summer's here, then added little items to the bucket that would help them cross those things off the list. The items were a bucket with a shovel attached (from the dollar store), my new book (doesn't have to be my book of course--you could include any summer read that you think that teacher would like), a bottle of water, one of those little squeeze flavor bottles to add to the water (I chose Wyler's Kiwi Strawberry), a fancy bar of soap (check out Southern Soap Factory for all your fancy bar of soap needs!), a fun, berry-colored bottle of nail polish and one of those toe separators, a packet of sunflower seeds, and a $10 Dairy Queen gift card. What I liked about this is-- ideally-- it's stuff you could pick up and put away gradually so it's not one big expense.

I attached the little typed up sheet of paper you see above, added some summertime stickers and let each child sign it. I tucked it into the bucket along with the gifts and voila! A fun teacher gift that will hopefully inspire them to more fully enjoy their break. I've included the exact wording below so you can just cut and paste it into your own file and print it off.

Hope this helps someone!

Your Summer Bucket List

It’s summertime! Here is a bucket full of things I hope will add to your summer fun this year!

·      A shovel to dig in the sand

·      A book to read in a hammock

·      Water for those hot summer days

·      A little something sweet to add to the water

·      Soap for a long soak after a hot day

·      Fun polish to get your toes ready for flip-flop weather

·      Seeds to plant flowers

·      A Dairy Queen gift card for a cold treat


I hope you have a great summer. Thanks for being my teacher this year!

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Kate Sinclair said...

I no longer have school age kids, but I will share this idea with friends who do. I loved it!