Monday, October 01, 2012

A New Plan

Last week I announced my "mom's on a (new,self-imposed) deadline so we have to streamline her household workload as much as possible" plan. The kids smirked at each other and took bets on how long said plan would last.

Oh, it's gonna last people.

So, here's my plan that 1) cuts down on my kitchen commitments and 2) saves us money. My husband likes the "saves us money" part. I like the "cut down on my work" part. That is what you call a win-win.

Monday is heretofore to be recognized as "Soup Night." I will make a different soup every Monday night and serve it with some sort of bread. I will make a lot of soup. (This will come into play later, as you will see.)

Tuesday I will make what my kids call a "Real Meal." The basic meat, starch, veggie combo.

Wednesday will be "leftover night." There will be a choice of either leftover soup or leftover dinner. Every man for himself. This is my effort to both be a good steward and simultaneously clean out the fridge. We've had too many leftovers go bad lately.

Thursday is now "GYO night." (For those of you who are new here, GYO stands for "Get Your Own.") This might mean the kids make burritos with cheese and taco sauce or a bowl of cereal or an omelet. Or they can eat leftovers if there are any still left. Whatever they can find. The point is, limited-to-no involvement for me.

Friday night is grill night. Because we live in the south we should have mild enough temps to stick with the grilling out plan into November. Grill night means Curt mans (literally) the grill and I throw together a salad or veggie of some sort and a starchy side. Again with the limited involvement for me.

I haven't covered Saturday or Sunday but methinks there will be a pizza delivery night slated very soon. And in the past Sunday nights in the fall have been breakfast for dinner, courtesy of dad.

The point is, we are still eating well, but with the leftover and GYO nights included, I'm saving at least $40 a week. Times that by 4 and that's a nice savings. Plus I'm not preparing five meals a week, which allows me more time to work on writing. I'm happy with this new plan. And I will stick with it. My kids will be so surprised.
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Mom Can I? said...

Good Luck! I love it when I feel I've got dinners covered for the week....some think I'm crazy, which I am, but it just makes the day run a better when i don't have to think about what to cook...or the pressure of spending $40-6- on take out! six in a family is expensive - as you know with 8!! :-) good luck - would love to get in on some of the soups your going to cook!

Pam said...

I like a woman with a plan!!! Hope it works for you : )

Editor and Publisher Shelly Burke said...

That is a great idea, Marybeth! I hadn't cooked Sunday night dinner for years--it was my day "off". It took a while for me to get over the guilt of ordering take out (the lady who ran the tavern from which we got pizza every week in our very small town knew it was one of my kids calling EVERY Sunday night at about 5:30!)but I needed the break.

I was never as organized as to make a whole week plan but yours sounds great! And remember--most soups will freeze well too, so if you make a big batch you can even freeze some for later--another non-cooking night!

BethA said...

Love this idea! Gonna try it myself.

Kristen said...

Love this! I just instated Taco Tuesday and Sunday Subs at our house (tacos are so cheap, fast and easy -- and Sunday Subs = make your own sub after church). I love the term GYO; sounds fancy. :)

Anonymous said...

You could always make ahead a cassorle on Monday or a few of them and freeze for one of the weekend days. :)