Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday Update

So, I'm back from my tour. Got home Saturday night in time to go out for pizza with most of my family. We were missing our two oldest girls so it looked like we had three boys then "finally got a girl" as people say.

Sunday was busy. Church, then lunch, then the youngest girl had a birthday party to go to and the middle girl had a soccer tournament so Curt and I took off in different directions to provide taxi services. Later we reconvened at the pool-- my first trip there since it opened. I caught up with a friend that I only see at the pool and it turned out we both had a lot to catch up on! After the pool Curt and I got everyone settled and headed to our favorite romantic date night spot-- the grocery store! Romance abounds. But at least we have food now. And we did get to spend time just the two of us.

Tonight is a swim meet. My middle son has an earache so we're headed to the doctor this afternoon, hoping he can get clearance to swim. (I'm hoping, he's probably hoping he gets the night off.) Somewhere in the rest of the day I need to get a run in, shower, and run carpool. And there's always laundry. And dishes. And some plan for eating dinner, though gathering round the table isn't an option on swim meet nights.

I was hoping to sit down and write a bunch of blog posts to run this week but alas, I weeded out emails that had piled up in my absence last week and the blog posts didn't happen. There's always tomorrow. (Anyone else hear the girl reindeer from Rudolph sing that in their heads as they read that?) My kid-free days to write are winding down as we near the last day of school on Friday. Can't say I'm sorry for that. Am anxious to have unscheduled days, no need to think about having lunch stuff in the house, no more email newsletters from teachers, and NO MORE CARPOOL. Freedom! (Screamed like they do on Dave Ramsey, or in Braveheart.)

I am hoping to get those posts written and shared here soon. In the meantime, over at Southern Belle View we're sharing what books are in our beach bags this summer and over at She Reads we've announced our June selection. Don't miss either blog!
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