Monday, April 23, 2012

Rumors of Water Week

I don't remember how I found this book. It was one of those times I clicked on something that took me somewhere else that ultimately landed me on this book. And when I saw endorsements from two writers I admire (Mary DeMuth and Ann Voskamp) I investigated more closely. (Proving that endorsements do work!) I downloaded the free sample for the ebook and read through it so fast that, when I got to the end I just had to buy it and keep reading. (Proving that samples do work!) I am loving this book. It's hijacked my other reading-- books I liked getting pushed to the side for this book I am loving.

So, each day this week I am sharing quotes from Rumors of Water combined with my personal thoughts that the quotes inspired. LL Barkat is a gifted writer but-- more than that-- she's a woman in touch with the nuances of living life intentionally, of cherishing motherhood, of finding the glimmers of grace in untapped places. This book is Gift From The Sea meets 1000 Gifts. You'll appreciate it especially if you're a writer, or a mother who longs to bestow the gift of creativity-- the permission to create-- in your children. I've read it with my journal open to capture the parts that speak to me. If you decide to get it, you might want to do the same.

So join me this week as I dig into Rumors Of Water by LL Barkat. I hope that you'll be as inspired by these quotes as I was! The first quote is coming up tomorrow!
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BethA said...

Perfect timing! I just finished a book and am looking for something to read. This sounds great! Gonna check it out for my Kindle. Thanks, Marybeth!

Heather said...

This sounds like a great book!

Kathy B said...

Sigh...I love you because you have the best recommendations and I've loved every book that you've talked about on the blog. But I'm annoyed with you because now I have to diligently go buy another book. (: