Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Poetry

We're winding down National Poetry month, but before it ends, I will share a bit of poetry. (I guess you'd call it poetry??) It's really more a collection of images I wanted to get down-- my life boiled down to a few lines.

Monday Morning

Trash can brimming
Clean plates stacked
Neon pink toothpaste smeared
The scent of lemon cleanser
Coupons waiting to be redeemed
Items added to the grocery list
Six knives dirtied in the sink
Six knives in one morning!
Laundry piled, never ending
A new to-do list to accomplish
Library book left on counter
A page of tentative cursive by a 6 year old hand
New emails lined up in the inbox
A phone call to make, weighing heavily
Ink on page in journal
Your Word is Truth
Monday morning
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