Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Go Before Me

It's so simple: 4 little words. Words I've heard many times. And usually they slip right past me. But last Sunday, in church, we sang those four little words. And my eyes filled with tears. Because at that moment, those four words were exactly what I needed to hear.

The preacher went on with his sermon. And I'm sure it ministered to people. But my takeaway wasn't from the sermon. My takeaway was from those four little words we sang: You Go Before Me. I've been thinking about them ever since.

On a notecard beside my bed is this verse: "But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19 We are in a phase of life that I've been anticipating ever since we started having kids-- the dreaded college years. We've got six to get through college and from the looks of things all six will be going, and all six will not be receiving aid. (We have financial aid directors in the family so believe me, we've covered our bases there.)

So now that we're here I am... nervous. Anxious. Wanting to fill in all the blanks and have all the answers and... see into the future as to exactly how this is all going to work out. Hence the need for that card beside my bed, a reminder for my spiritually amnesiac self that God's got this. Just like He's had all the other times before. And I don't need to worry, or fret, or wring my hands. I just have to believe, which is its own kind of work. (John 6:29)

And that's why I needed to hear those four little words at that moment-- a reminder that, while I can't see into the future, He can. Not only can He see it, He's already there, working it out, not held by the contraints of time. He's orchestrating that bonus for Curt or that sale he needs to make, or a new book contract for me, or an opportunity I can't yet see. He's not only working on the circumstances, He's working on the timing. And it's all so complicated that if I tried to work it out my head would explode. But His won't.

And so I scrawled "YOU GO BEFORE ME" on the top of that index card with Philippians 4:19 on it and put it back in its place beside my bed. Now I have the added reminder that not only will He supply all our needs, He's already there, working out our future. And the cool thing is, that means I don't have to.

Someone else needed to hear that today-- someone else has spiritual amnesia like me and has forgotten that He's gone before you. He's already there, in that future you're afraid of. He's got it. He's supplying your needs, working out your complexities with His supremacy, making a way in a place you can not see.
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BethA said...

Oh, Marybeth, did I ever need this today. To be reminded that He's working things out that I don't even know need working out. Thanks for these words this morning.

Anita said...

I really love this Marybeth, and yes I often need to hear it. I'm in the middle of all that college stuff too, and we only have 3. I know we'll be smart with our resources and that He will see us through this too. I can't wait to see you next week!!
Thank you....XO

Samantha said...

Thanks for your blog today. I too really needed to hear this. We too have upcoming financial issues that I try and figure out myself and "help" God with - it is great to be reminded He doesn't need my help but rather He needs me to trust in Him and rely on Him.

Jackie S. said...

I, too, needed this today! We have very expensive drugs to get and no insurance for them. I am printing these words on a card!!

Pam said...


If I didn't know any better, I'd say you & God have been having a little chat about me! I so needed to hear your words today. They brought tears to my eyes. HE's got this! My oldest will be heading off to college come August and how we're going to do it is making my head spin also. Thanks for the reminder that HIS head is NOT spinning and HE is making a way in a place I cannot see. Yes, Amen, and thank you!!!

Sweet Blessings,

Corinne said...

Really, footing the college bill on your own rather than depending on the government is the way to go. It's between you and your children without another entity involved.

Since young adult children can now be covered under their parents' health insurance policy until age 26, it is now possible for them to work for a period of time to save money or else travel during their college years. Two years ago that wasn't possible.

I think you'll find your children, along with you and your husband, much more creative without the endless FAFSA forms!

Best of luck.

Gillian said...

Hi, not only did I need to hear this but I have a friend who I just read Deuteronomy 31:8 to which is also about God going ahead of us. Thank you for your willing spirit and I will pray for your situation.