Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Wanderings

Today is Wednesday, which means I'm posting over at Last week we talked about our impressions of the new show GCB in regards to the southern stereotypes depicted. This week we're talking about it in regards to the spiritual stereotypes. Would love to hear what you think, as I know opinions will vary-- many based on our own run-ins with women in the church. Some of us have had positive encounters across the board, others of us... not so much. We'd love to have you join our discussion on the porch!

Also this week I posted over at She Reads about my literary first loves. Head over there and leave a comment about what your literary first love was. What books kept you up with a contraband flashlight long after lights-out? What high school tome grabbed you by the throat? What writer made you understand the power of story in a whole new way? Literary first loves are a fun thing to think about because one way or the other, we all have them.
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Karen Ehman said...

YOUR SITE IS GORGEOUS!!!!!! And Earl even looks pretty good in the pic ;-) Love ya!

Zibilee said...

I love the new look of your site! It's beautiful! I am going to have to head on over and check out your posts. I haven't watched GCB, but I grow more intrigued by the minute, and think I am going to cave and give it a go soon!