Monday, March 12, 2012

Down The Rabbit Hole

If I post a little less these days, it's because I'm busy writing something else-- my fourth novel. It's due in mid May and I am pushing myself pretty hard to meet the needed word count for each day in order to turn it in on time. This is both the fun part and the hard part of the process. Seeing the story take shape, witnessing the unexpected twists and turns that pop up-- I love that. Feeling like something's missing, worrying the middle is muddled, and trying to decide if the pacing is fast enough-- don't love that. Put it all together and you've got... what it feels like to write a novel!

I can't believe I'm writing my fourth novel. I can't believe we're speeding towards the release of my third novel. It's all very exciting and I can't believe I've gotten to do all of this! Thanks for your patience as I disappear down the rabbit hole. Novelist's confession: I have to admit sometimes I love the world I create a whole lot better than the real one.
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JottinMama said...

Oh, Marybeth!

May the Lord bless you with peace and contentment and joy as you create. And may he wrap you in His care as you dream up all that goodness! And may His glory shine all through this project of yours!

Kate :)

Zibilee said...

Good luck with the writing Marybeth! I know that you are going to come up with a wonderful tale!

I also hear you will be in my neck of the woods for the UCF Book festival soon. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Kathy B said...

Fourth novel!! So exciting to see everything take off for you these last few years. You're inspiring!

Christy Long said...

I can't wait for the release of your next novel! Thoroughly enjoyed the first two!

Casey said...

Cheering you on! I love your books and excited to find out what is in store for books 3 and 4. Go, go, go MaryBeth! :D