Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscars

Last night was the first time I've actually watched the Oscars all the way through in years. Though I've watched bits of it in years past, I haven't sat through the entire thing since Titanic was up. But this year I wanted to watch because The Help was up-- and I really, really wanted it to win Best Picture.

It did not. :(

Stupid The Artist. I saw someone on Twitter say they've never been so tired of French people and I concur. I was tired of The Artist folks trekking up to the stage. Yes, I was bitter. I've heard the movie was good and I guess I'm not giving it a chance. But really? A silent film? For someone who loves words, it just doesn't sound appealing.

At least Octavia Spencer won Best Supporting for her role as Minnie in The Help. And who didn't get at least a bit misty eyed at her acceptance speech? To me her speech and Meryl's were the best. And, if someone had to beat out Viola Davis, I was glad it was Meryl. She exudes class. And when she thanked her husband and they looked at each other and he put his hand over his heart? Perhaps I am gullible but that looked genuine. I love that they are a couple that has endured in Hollywood.

Other highlights for me:
"Man or Muppet" winning Best Original Song-- granted there were only 2 songs up in that category, but I was glad to see it win. My 6yo daughter and I love that song. It makes us laugh every time we see the video, which is more than you might think.

William Joyce winning for "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore." Here is a link to a story about that:

Watching the awards with my son, who loves movies as much as I do. He did tell me to stop saying "Wow, Hugo is racking up!" every time they got another award. So that made me say it more, and louder.

The Cirque de Soleil tribute to the Oscars. I love Cirque and can only imagine how amazing that was to be in that audience with people flying around over your head like that. The Cirque people are just so... flexible. A true tribute to what the human body is capable of.

Billy Crystal hosting. A lot of people were tweeting that they didn't like him as host, but it was sentimental for me to see him back up there.
I'd seen a lot of the movies that were up this year, which is why I sat through it. I was more invested in it because I had a personal buy-in. Usually I don't know anything about the movies in question-- they're too artsy and obscure.

And back to The Artist, one thing I took away from it winning the big awards was that doing something different really does pay off. I think it got a lot of attention because it was different. In writing you hear a lot of talk about "following the trends." But it's the books that are original and different that really strike a chord in the hearts of the people. People are looking for something different than the same old thing. We'd all do well to keep that in mind as we respond to our own original, unique callings. Passion and commitment can take us far.

And finally, it wouldn't be a post about the Oscars without a comment on the couture. My favorite dress? Penelope Cruz's. If I went to the Oscars that's what I would wear. She looked lovely.

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Tracy said...

Thanks for the summary. Now I don't feel like I missed out not watching since I was driving back from a writing retreat. Not like I've seen any of the movies yet anyway.

Tina said...

My daughters and I love the Muppet song too...and we were happy it won. Makes us all laugh out loud every time!

Arlene said...

I also stayed up to watch in the hopes that The Help would win best picture. During the pre-show there was a survey done where the TV audience could text their favorite movie, and if that would have determined the winner it would have been The Help. I guess you're right, it's the fact that The Artist was different that made it appealing.

My son and I were cheering for the Muppet song! That movie is just hilarious! And totally agree with the dress, Penelope Cruz looked stunning, as did Gwyneth Paltrow. The simple, modest dresses were so much lovelier than the over-the-top ones. Glad I watched.

Susan said...

I completely share your sentiments! I was touched by Meryl Streep's acceptance speech too. One of the funniest comments that I remember was Billy Crystal saying he 'pulled a hamstring just watching the Cirque performers'. I felt the same way-absolutely amazing! I also LOVED LOVED LOVED Penelope's dress. When she was on the red carpet I told my daughters that was my absolute favorite dress!

Anonymous said...

I am rather glad that 'The Help' didn't win. I found the book and the movie very offensive. Why is it ok to stereotype one group in an effort to make another group feel good? A good number of our family are Southern through and through and the tired portrayal of white Southerners is getting old.

Billy Crystal is funny, but it's pretty astonishing to see how popular plastic surgery is in Hollywood, among both men and women. He was hardly recognizable.