Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The One Where I Share An Old Fave

This was one of my favorite books when I was little. I would spend hours staring at the pictures, making up stories to go with them. In retrospect, this was a sign of things to come-- but of course I didn't know it at the time. Back then it was just fun. With words.

The other day I got out my old copy for my six year old, who also likes to have fun with words. This afternoon I'm going to show her how I used to make up stories in my head to go with the pictures on each page. I've given her a fabric covered blank book and she takes her writing very seriously. Last night we were going to dinner and she wanted to bring her blank book with her in case she had time while we were waiting for our food. I totally get it. It's always nice to take advantage of unexpected time to write.

Thinking about this book, I wonder how many of us had indicators in early childhood of who we would someday be-- this nurse, this teacher, this decorator, this fashionista. This writer. Taking it a step further, I wonder if we pay attention to those indicators in our children's lives of who this child might someday be. I wonder if we sow into it-- providing them with more of what they love, more of what feeds their soul. It's a serious job-- this launching of people. It takes a lot of paying attention, a lot of listening. I started having fun with words as a little girl. I'm so glad the people in my life made sure I was always surrounded by them.
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polka dot skies said...

As a child, I always loved to draw and paint. A freshly opened box of Crayola crayons is still one of my favorite scents! I became an art teacher and now that I'm a mom, I still try to find time to create each day.
My daughter is developing an interest in baking and I'm having the best time watching her mix and pour. I think it will be a lifelong love for her!
Thanks for taking time to remind us that we all have our special interests--that's what makes life fun!

Marianne said...

Thank you Mary Beth. Love it.

Jolee B said...

So great! Another very portable way to do this is a great game called Tell Tale by Blue Orange Games. It's tons of random picture cards that you pick and have to tell a story using them. Great for moms like me who can't come up with stories on our own! Check your local specialty toy store!