Monday, January 16, 2012

The One Where I Reveal How I Keep Up With Blogs I Love

I subscribe to them.

I realize this is not rocket science. However, this has been kind of a big deal for me. Long about December (anyone else hearing the Counting Crows song in their head right now? I love that Courteney Cox is in that video. But I digress...)

Will try this again. Long about December, I started thinking about all the blog posts I miss by my fave writers because I don't remember to go check their blogs. And I felt like there had to be a way to fix that. Because mostly in life there is a way to fix something that's bothering you, if you look for it.

And that's when I started subscribing to blogs I love via the feature that sends the post right to your email. And I realize you all have lots of ways that you follow blogs and this is probably old info for most of you. Know this: I am usually hopelessly behind the times. So getting blog posts sent to email probably sounds antiquated to you Google Reader Feeblitz uber cool app techie types. But for me, it was the perfect way to get the latest from the people I want to hear the latest from. And so I went through the novelists I love, the book bloggers I love, the lifestyle bloggers I love, etc. and I signed up for their blogs to come to my emails. And yes I now get more emails than I used to. But there's always the delete button if that particular post doesn't grab me.

And so in this new year I'm feeling just a little more informed, just a little more up to speed with the things I care about. It's not politics. It's not celebs. It's not fashion. (Sorry Shari Braendel). It's not current events. Though it might be for you. For me it's the craft of writing, the pursuit of the perfect meal, the heartbeat of what it means to find faith in the midst of the craziness. These things cast light on the path I am on.

I'm glad I'm not missing these folks' words of wisdom anymore. It's made my life just a little bit richer. And who can't use that?
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Brenda said...

I like to follow blogs via email too, because that's the easiest way for me to keep up. I don't usually remember to check the reader on my blog.

Joyful said...

That's how I get to "visit" with you every day. I receive your posts in my email. The only down-side to this is that I rarely click over to a blog to comment...well...except today. :-)
Trust you are well.

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth,
I had drifted away from your posts for awhile due to time. Ironic, that I just clicked this one. Just this week, I too have signed up for the bloggers to send posts to my own email; it is so much easier!! I am back with you now!!!
Mema Jeanne, NC

Marianne said...

So, Mary Beth, i'm obviously not the only one having trouble keeping in touch..i do it by email, too. Guess we're in the same boat, not techies. Then, the only trouble i have with that is that i somehow am often getting the emails hours later! What's your fix for that?



NomDebPlume said...

I'm really glad I subscribed to your blog "Long About November" because I've been blessed so often by what you share.

So thank you for this helpful reminder and thank you for your honest, encouraging, inspiring posts!

Happy 2012 to you :-)

Mitzi M. said...

And that's how I keep up with you! I had that same revelation not too long ago. (Trust me... I am way more behind the times than anyone I know!)