Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Psalms For Moms

"I'm doing the very best I can, and I'm doing it at home, where it counts." Psalm 101:2b (MSG)

This verse jumped out at me when I read it in the Message version. (FYI: the NIV version is "I will walk in my house with blameless heart." I always like to hold up the NIV against the Message, as sometimes the two can be quite different. But in this case, it's close enough. And I love the way the Message communicates this truth.)

For the last several weeks I've had to be out of my house a lot as the deadline for my next book edits approached. And this absence only proved something I already knew. My home-- my family-- needs me. Not a sitter. Not the older kids holding down the fort. Not even the daddy of the family handling things. My family needs ME. (Curt does a great job when I have to be gone but he'd be the first to tell you he can't-- and wouldn't want to-- do my job.)

As today's Psalm says, what I do at home counts. It counts when I sit and listen to my kids' stories about their day. It counts when I make a meal that we can all sit down to. It counts when I remember to buy their favorite cereal or cookie or brand of chips. It counts when I make sure there's toilet paper. It counts when I fold the laundry (though I do make them put it away). It counts when I fill out the forms for school and check up on the projects that are due. It counts when I take them to the library. It counts when I show up at their school events. It counts when I stop and put a bandaid on a booboo. It counts when I am... there.

Sure writing books is fun. Going to author events is fun. I'm living my childhood dream and I am so blessed to be able to do so. But one thing I can't forget in living that out is that I had another childhood dream... and that was to be married, to have children, to create a home. I can't give up on one dream in the name of pursuing another. And to be sure, if I had to lay down one in the name of the other, I would choose home every time. Because while living the writing dream is great-- it can't touch living the wife/mom one.

Maybe today you're feeling like all the little things you do go unnoticed. Like what you do within the walls of your home don't count. But they do. They're essential. They're valuable. You-- the mom-- are valuable. You do things no one else can do. It's no one thing you do. It's everything you do.

Do the very best you can, at home, where it counts. Because oh boy, does it count.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great post! I need the Oreo ball recipe today...can't wait!

Kate said...

This post made me a little nostalgic. My youngest child went to college this year, so while I know I am still needed, I am no longer filling out forms and driving kids to and from events, etc. I am happy with my life and I'm glad my kids are branching out on their own, but I do sometimes miss the day to day activities that happen when you have a younger child at home. Enjoy yours today!

Anonymous said...

Marybeth, this is not the first time that your words have been the timely encouragement I needed. I thank the Lord for you. I struggle often, thinking I need to find more than part time work outside the home. What I really know, is that in this season there is no way for that to work. I really feel like God is calling me to be home, most of the time with my four children. I feel like I am being lazy, or like I need to justify this somehow, because so many other moms work alot more than me. Thanks for telling me that this counts, and I love that it is in the Bible!!! Angela

Brenda said...

Boy is this timely - thank you! I just had a bunch of moms at my daughter's dance class insultingly tell me they would never choose to stay at home with their children, like I do. So, thank you, I needed to be reminded that what I do is needed by my family.

Monica Fountain said...

Thank you for the reminder that what I do matters.

Heather Dawkins said...

This really hit home...I LOVE being a Momma & staying home with our kids. As they get older (teen & preteen) I tend to rush through things..when I need to slow down and enjoy each moment, even the rushed busy days.. Loved this post. Balance is so important, & I have learned this with my blogging and bible study leading..that God means for family to be first.

Julie Filby said...

Wow, did I need THAT today. Thank you. I enjoy your blog!