Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Challenge: Last Question!

Today we come to the end of our August challenge. I hope your journals are bulging with the insights and reflections that these questions have prompted. Even if you didn't write down your answers, I hope you spent some time pondering your own personal answers as you went about your days. I hope that this little exercise has prompted some of you to journal more often and that, even in the absence of my questions, you will find things to write about.

If you like having prompts to get you started, I recommend googling "journaling prompts." There are whole sites devoted to providing questions like what I've been doing throughout the month. Maybe these will keep you going if you find you need a jumping-off place.

And also, if you'd like to learn more about journaling, I can recommend the books Journaling As A Spiritual Practice by Helen Cepero and Spiritual Journaling: Recording Your Journey Towards God by Richard Peace.

Finally, here's our last question:

In her book 1000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp describes why taking notice matters. She writes, "It takes a full 20 minutes after your stomach is full for your brain to register satiation. How long does it take your soul to realize that your life is full?"

How has journaling helped you to slow down, to pay attention? Why does paying attention matter in your life? What is it you don't want to miss?
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Jackie S. said...

Thank you, Marybeth, for doing this ....I have really enjoyed journaling and plan to continue. I received a blessing from it.

Diony said...

Marybeth, what a great source for writing ideas your questions have been. Thanks for the reminder there are a lot of ways to conquer writer's block!