Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thought

We're at the mid-point of May and all I can say is, come on June!! We have two kids finishing out their soccer and baseball season and four kids swimming swim team. Add to that a mom finishing the first draft on one book and launching another and three kids preparing to graduate from transitional kindergarten, middle school and high school and you've got a house that is bordering on chaos. Last weekend I was in bed asleep by 9:00 both Friday and Saturday night. Party animal, I am not.

I don't like busyness. I don't like keeping up with 45 different events and all the detailed emails that come with those events. I don't like having to buy things and bring things and remember things.

This past weekend I traded emails with a friend, venting for a minute about how crazy life had become. And I wrote, "I have to remember that it's all good things." She wrote back that she tells herself the exact same thing when life gets crazy. Graduation? Good thing. Kids healthy and able to play sports? Good thing. Being the mom of this brood? Good thing. Getting to pursue my dream of writing books? Good thing.

But in the midst of all these good things, I am looking forward to a month from now, when school will be out. The flurry of emails from teachers will end for a few blissful weeks. The rush out the door in the morning will be but a memory. The nightly race to this practice and this game and this event will be over. Instead we'll move slow, our biggest concern for the day being when we're going to the pool. The kids will still be doing swim team but that will be all. I can handle that.

When things get crazy, I set my sights on a month from now and tell myself "You can make it til then. Hang in there." So if you are also running crazy right now, I say the same to you. Summer's coming. I promise.
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Kristen said...

Love it, Marybeth. I posted about the same thing on Monday and Wednesday of this week - so know that you're not alone in the choas of May! I sure look forward to your entires; thanks for the effort you put into these writings.

Rachel Olsen said...

Paragraph #2 illustrates how much alike we are. I have to work at not being "school slacker mom."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary Beth! So many times when we are deep in the sea of the end of the school year "stuff" its hard to imagine that anyone else thinks these same things! I will be praying for you to find Peace in the midst of the chaos...if you will pray for me! :)
Amy King