Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I have a devotion running at Proverbs 31, which means I will have some guests popping by. For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome! And for those of you who pop in daily for a quick visit well... you are why I do this.

On Tuesdays here at the blog, I write a top ten list. Since today's post is about trusting God to answer when you ask, I thought I'd write a list of ten things you can do while you wait on God's answer.

1. Share your story with others. I think it's easy to share those amazing answers from God after they've happened. It's not so easy before-- when you still don't know the end. The other day I had a conversation with a friend who is in a waiting period. As she shared her faith even in the midst of uncertainty, I was encouraged to have that kind of faith. You never know how your faith will inspire someone else's.

2. Read a biography of someone who had to wait on God and trust Him. Reading the stories of others has always inspired me. They did it so I can too.

3. Read the Word. The Bible is full of people who had to wait on God. Find one of their stories and read it over and over, noting how they responded, the prayers they prayed and what their answers were.

4. Keep a journal. We think we'll remember our faith valleys and peaks, but we often lose the details over time. Jot down the specific things you're asking God for. Record the answers you receive, the verses that are speaking to you and the confirmations that come your way. This journal may some day fall into the hands of a descendant of yours who needs to be encouraged by your experience. That should keep you writing!

5. Laugh. Don't forget to find joy in life. Take action to distract yourself from the issue at hand and just go have fun.

6. Don't get so forward thinking that you forget the richness of the present. Boy do I struggle with that! I am writing a devotion on that right now, as a matter of fact!

7. Get outside. I wrote about a raven perched on a power line. That came from being outside and thinking about how deliberately and individually God meets the needs of every aspect of His creation, no matter where they fall on the food chain. Being near God's creation is such affirmation of His activity on this earth.

8. Play music. Music uplifts and encourages. It's an amazing stress reliever. Crank it up and dance.

9. Avoid pity parties. No one will come any way. Every time I throw a pity party I invite my husband, some trusted friends, and even my kids. They politely decline. I end up having to find something else to do as a result because it's no fun having a party that no one comes to. I am glad that the people I love don't let me get away with that kind of navel-gazing.

10. Count your blessings. I've said it before and I will say it again, Ann Voskamp's book 1000 Gifts is a wonderful resource for this! If you haven't picked up a copy, you should. It will inspire you to think about life differently and to start really looking for the gifts that are truly all around you.
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Karen said...

I was wondering about the time God provided??
That was stated in the proverbs 31 devotional today?

Amy said...

Amazing devotion and thoughts here today! Rich, deep and beautifully written--my soul is dancing.
The raven is going to stick with me.

JottinMama said...

Number 5.

Laughing. Why don't I do this as much as I did when I was younger? I need to belly-laugh more often. It's healthy. Why do I have to be so serious all the time now? Good reminder for me. Thanks :)

Have a great Tuesday!

Katie :)

Marybeth said...

Good question Karen! I switched what I shared today when I realized it was a top ten day on my blog. I hope that my suggestions about what to do while waiting offered some encouragement instead. Sorry for the mix up!

Carol said...

Marybeth - Any suggestions for biographies to read (#2)? I am SO impatient! God keeps trying to teach me that I shouldn't be, but I guess my learning curve for this lesson is pretty darn slow. :-)

Amy O'Quinn said...

Loved your P31 article AND this post on what to do while waiting. I know that God knows what we need, and I KNOW He used you today to minister to me.
Not only that, as I hopped in my Tahoe to make a run to the post office this morning, I saw a FULL rainbow over my cousin's pond right in front of my house. It lasted for a couple of minutes before clouds obscured it. When I asked my next-door parents and other family members if they'd seen it too, no one had!
I have no doubt that God used you and that rainbow encourage me! Thank you for being faithful.

Marybeth said...

Carol, I would suggest biographies and autobiographies by heroes of the faith-- Ruth Graham, Catherine Marshall, Eric Liddell, Elizabeth Elliott, etc. George Mueller and Friedrich Bonhoeffer come to mind as well. Also I loved Marybeth Chapman's book Choosing To See, which is more recent. By reading these bios of people who lived their faith, we can be inspired to live out our own.

Marybeth said...

Amy, I loved your story of the rainbow-- I hope you feel God's love washing over all day today and your eyes are open to these displays even beyond what you've seen so far!

Tiffany said...

I loved your devotional over at 31 Ministries. Love this too - I'm going to remember a few of these today.

Thank you!

Shelly said...

I was going to ask about the biographies as well, but I see that has already been answered.

Thanks Marybeth! You always challenge me to a Higher Calling.

Doris said...

Hi, this isn't the first time I have visited but I guess it's been a while. I didn't read the devotional yet because....a book came today.....We Speak. I couldn't put it down!

I won't bore you with my story but will say that God is tugging at my heart to speak. I don't mind speaking. I've done it many times before on the subject of Dementia. But to minister to women from God's word? Scares me half to death!

Your book is an encouragement to me already. Bless you!

Pam said...

Thanks for this reminder about HIS care for the birds. I love the thought that they are singing or calling to their Provider for help. If he provides for the birds, HE certainly will provide for me saying in Matthew "Are you not of more value than they?" (6:27) May I sing to HIM knowing HE will provide.

Sweet Blessings,

Nicolette Choi said...

Thank you so much for this today! You have no idea...I needed this so much right now! I am very thankful that you shared on P31 and some tips here at your blog! What a blessing...
In Him,

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your devo today! We have 2 darling (most of the time! LOL!) girls, ages 2 1/2 and 7. LOTS of drama in our house! It took us 3 years each time to get pregnant, and 2 neuro surgeries and gall bladder removal in between all this. We are blessed beyond measure! That is for sure! We SO would love to have another baby and know that it is all on GOD's timetable, NOT ours. Again, we are having no success getting pregnant. We have tried fertility treatments several times. Both my hubby and I felt like it was time to stop and just let go and let GOD. I know you know how HARD that is! I keep telling GOD, "Hey! I am not getting any younger and I really would love one before I get too old." Like GOD doesn't know all this! Waiting on GOD is what I HAVE to do and I am praying that GOD helps me to do this every day! Thank you! Julie

Roslyn Rice said...

What a wonderful post! We are all waiting for something and now because of your written words we know what to do while we wait! Love it :)


treofflorida said...

What a great Top Ten. Me too with the laughter...but with my grown stepson we can find our "little kid" and have a silly/laugh fest at times. And then things are a little stressful.
What I did today that has been nagging at me is to stop at my local garden nursery on my errands. I forgot how wonderful it was to be amongst all the beautiful trees and plants. (one of those nuts that loves the smell of peat moss!)So intent on soaking it all in, I wandered into the Employees Only section. Also reminded me of the lilies of the field.Came home with $6 worth of flowers and a container of beach grass. Still have a smile on my face! Then I painted some planters with my fingers. It was really fun!When I look at these simple plants, that will be my reminder of God's handiwork. Thank you for the reminder!

Kelly said...

Loved you devotion, but really loved yout top ten while waiting on God's answer! As read through them, there are so many things I already do and so many I need to begin doing! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions.

Kelly said...

One thing I need to do is proof read and correct my typing errors!!

Anonymous said...

Marybeth, first, thanks for the blog shout out yesterday! You have quite a follower base, b/c my stats page was bustling! Loved your top 10 today -- I talked out loud to my computer, saying "how did you know!" -- I am definitely in a waiting period. I have a #11 to add. My mom always taught me to help someone else when you yourself are in need. That might mean being a listening ear, serving someone by making them dinner or helping them with something you know they need, or just calling a friend to say hello and really only call to see how THEY are. I find it always, always helps to serve others when you yourself are the one "in need." Great blog, love following you, so glad we crossed paths.