Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday Bonus

Maybe because the subject of PROM is a major topic of conversation at my house, but I am putting this movie on my calendar to see opening weekend! (April 29th) I will most likely take the beautiful girl who I've been talking about prom with almost daily... even if it's still SIX WEEKS AWAY!! I have a feeling her 11yo sister will want to go to, if for no other reason than to dream of her own prom, which will be here all too soon. And me? Call me a teeny bop at heart, but I can't wait to see this flick either! John Hughes it is not, but it'll have to do...

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Danielle said...

We're allowed to be open and honest on here, right? I didn't know this movie existed until now, and I don't think it'll be one I'd see--especially not with my daughter. I know Prom is a big event in many girls lives, but the dress of some of these girls in the movie promotes low-cut shirts and the way some of the 'couples' sat with each other--too close for my likely.

Maybe I'm a little too strick. My daughter is still only 11 right now, but I wouldn't want her watching this thinking it was all okay.

But, that's me! I would like to know, however, when you do go, what conversation this sparks with your older daughter. What does she think about the dress and the couples? What does she think about the movie all around? Maybe you could have her do a guest spot and tell a mom of an up and coming teen what she thought.(Although, my daughters in private school and I already know, even at this age, prom will be out.)

And, I hope I didn't offend you with my opinion or thoughts. I would never want to do that! I love you to pieces, and this is just how I feel on this subject.